7’0 2022 Patrick Wessler, “Ready for the Next Step” 

Standing a sturdy 7’0 in bare feet, Patrick Wessler has made improvements to his frame. He toned up, gotten stronger, and is looking forward to the move to Combine Academy.  Last season as a sophomore, Wessler averaged 18.1 PPG, 11.8 RPG, 2.0 APG and 3.2 BPG for Butler High School. Elon reached out early and offered while the likes of Charlotte, USF, and Wake Forest have all followed suit. He is also getting interest from Clemson, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Liberty, Ole Miss, Purdue, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Western Carolina. Wessler also maintained a stellar 4.0 GPA in the classroom. 

Wessler is currently ranked no. 4 in our latest North Carolina 2022 rankings behind Jaden Bradley, Jalen Hood-Schifino and MJ Rice. All three have decided to transfer out of state and Wessler can battle the likes of DeAnte Green, Brandon White, and Avion Pinner for that top spot. There will be a lot of conversation and fluidity for the battle for that top spot, but for right now, our bet is on Wessler. His statistics along with his consistency, and production were just too strong an argument

 If you ask Wessler what he needs to work on, he will be the first to admit getting stronger and quicker. That being said, as the old saying goes, “You can’t teach 7’0.” First of all, Wessler is highly skilled, has a high basketball IQ and simply understands the game. Offensively, Wessler does a good job of establishing a low presence, calls for the ball, catches it with two hands and can go to his patented “go to” move, the jump hook. In addition, Wessler has tremendous patience and is a willing passer out of the post. While most 7’0 footers don’t venture far from the low post, Wessler is extremely effective at the high post area, where he can catch and initiate the offense from the elbow. He has good court vision and advanced passing skills for his size and position, not to mention he has touch and range and can hit both the midrange and 3-pointer occasionally.

Even with the retirement of Butler head coach Myron Lowery, Wessler surprised many by choosing to transfer to Combine Academy. However, playing for coach Jeff McInnis and play on a national schedule was too good an opportunity to turn down. First of all, very few coaches can maximize the talent as well as coach McInnis. He truly has a gift of getting his players to perform at a high level. They know how to play defend and his players are always prepared for the next level. For Wessler, this move was his opportunity to “take the next step” in his overall development. Since the end of the basketball season and the COVID-19 pandemic, Wessler has been hard at work, slimming down and getting stronger and more athletic. Some may question his overall lack of athleticism at the current moment, but one thing is crystal clear. There are very few 7’0 footers that has his skill set, work ethic and determination.