Muhammad is an intriguing talent that should be be one to keep an eye on down the road.

Player Profile: Issa Muhammad

Class: 2019

Position: Power Forward

Height: 6’9

High School: Lakeside HS

AAU: Georgia Stars 2019


Georgia Tech, Charlotte

Phenom Hoops Notes:

“Muhammad is definitely one to put in the SIM CARD. The rising sophomore is only 15 years old and according to the coaches at Milton has only been playing organized basketball for one year. First of all, Muhammad has good IQ and feel for the game especially for his size and position. We were impressed with his finesse and footwork in the paint. He has passer friendly hands and sports an excellent touch from the free throw line. Muhammad has good mechanics with proper arch and rotation. In addition, he has a nifty jump hook shot in the lane. As the old saying goes, you can't teach size and Muhammad has room to grow and mature as a player on the court. He has a huge upside and is definitely one to watch.”