The throwback big man is a dying breed, however it is a part of the game that time and time again proves successful. 6'9' junior Jake Lanford is a throwback big in the truest sense.

After watching him in Phenom's National Showcase this November we wrote,''Lanford is a big body, who continues to get better each time out. He shows great hands and good vertical athleticism on the blocks. Lanford showed a nice right hand jump hook to go along with multiple dunks on the blocks. He even caught a body, jumping off vert. Lanford shows good timing while blocking shots, playing his man in the post, straight up.'

The high academic Lanford has huge hands and very long arms. Two great starting points for a big man. His team mates, junior Aaron Nesmith and sophomore Josiah James are getting a lot of the attention however it is Lanford who is kind of the unsung hero for the defending state champion Porter Gaud team.

Lanford is a high academic player as well, which should open up a lot of doors for his collegiate future. He is an alum of the prestigious South Carolina Top 80, the elite exposure camp in the state of South Carolina which puts the best players in the state against one another. After his performance here we said,''Lanford came into the camp with little to no fanfare, however that quickly changed after he started to play. He showed a willingness to post hard and play within 5 feet of the basket, with a purpose. Lanford's camp coach Nate Livesay stated,''Jake has a chance to be a very solid post player. He plays with great effort, works hard to get open in the post, and rebounds his position adequately.''There is a lot to like with this one and D1s need to get him on their SIM Card quickly.'

Lanford has performed his best on the biggest level as well. Playing in Phenom's Summer Havoc, in front of hundreds of coaches, Lanford played great. Consequentially, he also picked up numerous offers after his performance there. After his performance in this event National Analyst Jeff Bendel wrote,''6'9 Jake Lanford (2018). He stands out immediately, as he's built like a rhino and possesses a true next-level frame. Lanford is a big man capable of handling any assignment on either end of the floor, knows how to force his will against opposing big men. Offensively, he's great from the free throw line in, extremely smart and efficient with each opportunity given from that area. Displays the ability to draw his jumpshot out to the elbows, however, he's a natural post up brute. On the low block, he's strong, has shown the ability to finish well with either hand over either shoulder. Lanford was hands-down the best pick-setter showcased from any team during Summer Havoc, both on and off-ball. Defensively, he controls the paint and is a consistent defensive anchor for his team; blocks shots with regularity and guards the perimeter well for a big man. Works incredibly hard every second on the floor, motor is not an issue. High upside possibilities, possesses all the tools to become a successful big man at the next level.'

During the SCISA 3A playoffs this year, Lanford has certainly done his part. He finished with 13 points, 12 boards and 6 blocks. He is very explosive off his feet and has soft touch over both shoulders. He has great length and does a great job setting up on the block.

Right now Lanford carries offers from the likes of Georgia Southern, Winthrop, Mercer, Wofford, North Florida and Cal Poly. This list should continue to grow as he continues to win at every level.