Only being in North Carolina for over a year now, 2020 66 Justin Thomas is still a prospect that has fully garnered the attention he deserves. However, that may soon change with the early offers and interest he has been able to attain.

Thomas has all the tools, range, length, and explosion, which is why several schools are starting to recruit him. Right now, Thomas has earned offers from Georgia Tech and East Carolina, while others are continuing to watch him this summer, as he has been displaying his talent with Garner Road this year.

Phenom Hoops reached out to Thomas to learn more about what schools have been talking to him about and what his focus has been this summer, as his recruitment should continue to take off.

Here is our latest Player Q&A:

Seems like it has been a successful summer so far this season for you? What has been your main focus this offseason and where have you seen improvements in your game so far?

My main focus for me will be getting faster, stronger, and improving my shooting consistency. As I go more into the season I see the results like finishing more through contact, moving faster with a sense of urgency, and shooting the ball better.

What goals do you have set for yourself personally with your game?

My goal is to take my game to the next level and help my teammates bring their game to the next level as well.

How has it been playing with Garner Road, a very talented unit this year?

With this being my first year playing with these guys, it has been amazing. This group of guys has been playing with each other since the 8th grade, so to come in as a new player and have success this season, its been fun and I am enjoying playing with them. Those people are like family to me.

Recruitment has been starting to pick up for you, with East Carolina offering earlier and the latest being Georgia Tech. First, what are your thoughts on the East Carolina offer and what has the staff been communicating to you about? What do they like in your game?

Its a big blessing that I have an offer from East Carolina and I thank them. The staff has been communicating to me about them wanting me to come on campus more for unofficial visits. They like how I can stretch the floor out and be at any position 1-4.

Georgia Tech was the latest offer. How did you hear about that and what kind of relationship have you been able to develop with them so far? What do they like about you?

Coach Pastner called me and my high school coach Kurtis Darden to let me know I have an offer. They like how I can play the 1-4 on the court and stretch the floor.

You also took an unofficial visit to NC State. What was that like and what all did you get to do there? What did the coaches talk to you about there?

It was a great experience to visit NC State. NC State allowed me to take a tour around campus and show me around. We talked about how they will be watching me in the future.

What is coming up next for you, whether it is AAU travels, unofficial visits, or anything else?

Getting a lot of individual work, getting up a lot of shots, and just keep working hard. Continuing the season with Garner Road in July. I have an unofficial visit to Georgia Tech, University of Cincinnati, and more in the future.