Zymicah Wilkins

It’s easy to get excited about the future of rising eight grader Zymicah Wilkins of Rutherford-Spinwell Middle School. Yes, he’s still in middle school, but Wilkins is blessed with height, length, athleticism and an advanced skill set for his age and grade. More importantly, he is an outstanding young man with excellent manners off the court, not to mention he is also a solid student in the classroom.

In speaking with Team Heat coach and program director, Larry Ross, he can’t but help sing the praises of his young prospect. Ross stated, “Wilkins is able to do so many things on the court. He plays like a high school player. He has the ability to create his own shot off the dribble and can stretch the defense with his 3-point range. Wilkins has guard like skills and plays the “point forward” position. In addition, Wilkins is an amazing defender and shot blocker.”

We have seen Wilkins numerous times at our NC Junior Phenom camp and has always impressed with his skill set and athleticism, but also his poise and maturity for such a young player. We stated, “He’s a big, strong-bodied forward/post prospect with incredible IQ and overall instincts around the basket. Wilkins possesses extremely impressive timing, especially for his age, and knows how to consistently alter shots and secure rebounds in the paint. He plays hard, displays touch with either hand, and has great fluidity for his size.”

Phenom’s own Coach Mills stated also stated, “Zymicah is a big kid with good footwork but it can still get better. He has good hands, picking up all the balls around the basket. He may be the best big man at camp with the hands of an NFL tight end. Zymicah puts in work and plays a smart game. Wilkins was undeniably impressive during camp, especially to be younger than most, and is absolutely a prospect worth noting for the foreseeable future.”

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