6’5 ’20 Trent McIntyre “More than a worthy prospect”

There’s an old saying when it comes to evaluating a potential prospect and that is “Trust your eyes.” This statement can be custom made for 6’5 unsigned senior Trent McIntyre. We have seen McIntyre countless times with his travel ball team, New Light Disciples; and with his high school team Piedmont Classical. He led Piedmont Classical to its fourth straight CAASC State Championship averaging 13 PPG, 5 RPG, 3 APG, and even 2 SPG on a 25-9 team that played a very tough and challenging schedule. In addition, McIntyre led Piedmont Classical to the National Prep title recently in Myrtle Beach, SC scoring 25 points and collecting seven rebounds. 

When watching McIntyre play, he checks a lot of boxes and simply has an outstanding all-around game. He has good size, athleticism and a matching skill set, but more importantly he is a winner on the court. He makes smart, high IQ and hustle plays that may not always show up in the stat sheet. That being said, no matter the venue, no matter the setting, no matter the competition, McIntyre has stepped up and met every possible challenge on the floor. At our Gate City Classic where Piedmont defeated regional power and NCISAA 3A state champion Cannon School, we wrote the following: “At some point, it becomes frustrating to watch players exude productivity in every setting and against every level of competition but lack the proper recruitment, which seems to be exactly the case with Trent McIntyre. Few players in North Carolina possess the IQ, all-around skillset, and dog-like mentality that he brings to the table on a nightly basis. McIntyre quickly establishes the tone with motor and toughness, especially on defense, and just knows how to bother the opposition with his sheer presence. He’s able to reliably switch across four (and sometimes even five) positions at the high school level while forcing turnovers and rebounding the ball incredibly well for a guard. McIntyre is a problem in transition and the half-court because of his unselfishness, sharp passing, and intelligent decision-making. He’s crafty but also very fundamentally-sound, which allows him to frequently touch the paint and finish or set up others with ease. McIntyre checks all the boxes as a prospect and really embraces his identity on both ends of the floor. He’s a winner, simply put. McIntyre remains criminally underrated but should collect at least another five to ten scholarship offers over the current season.”

With that being said, we can go on and on about the play of Trent McIntyre, but sometimes it’s just better to watch for yourself. We have put together a list of actual game footage for college coaches to see for their own. All we ask is one simple question, “Just trust your eyes.” If so, you will agree that this young man is a scholarship worthy prospect. 

Piedmont Classical vs. Cannon


Piedmont Classical vs. The Burlington School 


Piedmont Classical vs. National 


Piedmont Classical vs. Ben Smith HS