College coaches, we are starting this writing off in this manner to hopefully grab your attention — so far this season Tyrell Kirk is averaging 22 points, 9.5 rebounds, 8.2 assists, and 4.5 steals per game. He has had 8 triple doubles this year. Standing at 6'4' with a 6'8'+ wing span, Kirk is a player whose upside is immense but so is his production.

When you add in the fact that his brother was a highly recruited player who is currently a sophomore at NC State there should be no reason for Tyrell Kirk not to have his choice of Division 1 offers to choose from. However, when talked to about his recruitment he lists Fayetteville State, UNC-Pembroke, and St Augustine's as his offers.

Tyrell Kirk played travel ball this summer with TMP out of Charleston South Carolina. This is the same program which produced the likes of Khris Middleton, Bruce Ellington, RJ Slawson and many others. Throughout April, Kirk was decidedly the best player on the team. He picked up offers from the likes of Charleston Southern, South Carolina State, and Maryland Eastern Shore.

Kirk's travel ball coach with TMP this summer was Wofford's All-Time assists leader Antoine Saunders, and he couldn't stop singing Kirk's praises,''He was our best player in April. Josiah and Aaron got all the offers at your event in July, but Tyrell was the reason why we won Pitt Jam Fest. They couldn't stop him. His length and his decision making, you cannot teach that, and he can score it.'

July rolled around and Kirk was on the radar, unfortunately he suffered a bad ankle sprain before July started and missed a lot of time and was only able to come back at around 70% to finish out the travel season. The time he missed was the time when all his TMP team mates earned offers, the first week of July at Phenom's Summer Havoc hundreds of coaches lined the floor for each of TMP's games. Team mates Josiah James, Aaron Nesmith, and Jake Lanford each earned multiple offers that week.

So after the July injury, Kirk's interest dried up, he just could showcase his full ability at 70%. He came out this season on fire, playing for something to prove. Understanding is was simply misfortunate timing, boy has he proved something! As we mentioned above, Kirk is averaging close to a triple double this season.

What is there not to like in this player, his game is subtly fantastic. It is the little things that separate him from the pack. The easy pitch ahead pass, the 2 dribble pull up from 15 feet, the simple skip pass to the open player in the corner, or the fact he is a 90% free throw shooter. All of these things add up to show Kirk's high basketball IQ. He makes the game easier.

Kirk, who is self-aware of his game describes himself as''I am a team first player who can score when necessary. I use my length to my advantage and I am a good athlete.''When talking to his high school coach, Jerry Singletary, he raves about Kirk's abilities too,''He is a special player, it is hard to come up with a comparison for him because he is able to do so much. I have no doubt he is a Top 10 guard in the state and he will only get better.'

Singletary, who also coached Tyrell's brother Shaun, has been around major school players before and he goes on raving about Kirk,''We cannot take him out of the game, he is our best scorer, our best facilitator, our best rebounder, he can do it all and at a high level.'

Not only does Kirk make the right play, not only does he make the game easier for everyone around him, Kirk is blessed physically as well (as he and his coaches have stated). He stands a legit 6'4' and wields a wing span around 6'8'/6'9'. Anyone who watched his brother Shaun play, knows that athleticism runs in the family. Tyrell is not as gifted vertically as Shaun is, but he is quicker. This quickness is even more evident with his ability to change speed with the great pace in which he plays.

Kirk is slender, he will need to put on some weight. He goes to a school of just 730 students in the rural Eastern North Carolina town of Whiteville. Whiteville isn't really near anything, you have to deliberately go to Whiteville. However, he has the makings of a true point guard. With those type of dimensions, as we said before, Kirk should have his choice of Division 1 offers to pick from. One thing is for sure, Whiteville High School has 7 regular season games left and then the playoffs. This provides ample opportunities for college coaches to deliberately make the trek to Whiteville, North Carolina.