Jomaru Brown is so tough, just a physical bully on defense and explosive above the rim.'

Jomaru Brown Was Awarded 2017 NC Top 80 “Mr Defense” Award

6'1 2018 Jomaru Brown
Southern Durham HS (Durham, NC)
By Jamie Shaw

'Jomaru Brown is so tough, just a physical bully on defense and explosive above the rim.'

There is something about a true point guard that really gets us going at Phenom Hoops. A player who is pass first, a player who is vocal with his team mates and a player who will defend their man for the entire floor the entirety of the game. Jomaru Brown is this guy.

During his performance at the 2017 NC Top 80 the scouts loved what Brown was doing. They were continuously saying things like, 'Jomaru is an all-around leader who is capable of dominating both ends of the floor' and 'Brown is a dog on both offense and defense. He is being highly under rated by programs.'

The tenacity with which Brown plays has been a central focus of his descriptors. It is hard not to take instant notice of his passion. Not to mention he stands every bit of 6'1' (maybe 6'2') and is incredibly explosive in both getting to the paint and finishing at and above the rim.

Brown has played at a high level for a while. A former AAU coach said, 'Jomaru is a very athletic point guard who can score the ball well. He approaches the game with a Russell Westbrook mentality and is a straight up killer in the open court. This kid can manufacture points as well as making guys around him better.'

We have seen Brown numerous times over the last few years. Every time, we have walked away more and more impressed with what he does. Maybe that is it, you have to see him numerous times to get the full effect of how good he is.

After playing in Phenom's Millbrook Showcase Brown had another standout game, we wrote, ''Brown set the tone, and the pace, on both ends of the floor. Blessed with a strong & quick twitch frame, Brown has great vision and pace with the ball. Defensively he is a ball hawk defender. In a class full of high level point guards, Brown is under-valued within the state, but there is no questioning the value of this true point guard.'

Currently, Brown does not carry any Division 1 offers. That is astonishing to us. Look at the run South Carolina is making in the NCAA tournament. They are doing it strictly with toughness and defensive grit, Jomaru Brown embodies exactly that. He has a chip on his shoulder and he comes at his opponent every minute of every game.

College coaches, watch Brown closely this summer. Right now he doesn't have any Division 1 offers, however it would not surprise us to see some winning NCAA Tournament teams get in the mix. He wins games.