Lakewood is one of the best teams in the state of South Carolina, and Grant Singleton is clearly the best player on the Lakewood High School team. It is a wonder, how he is going under the radar is not very surprising but it should not be the situation.

The reason we say it is not very surprising is because it is what happens to players in the state of South Carolina. Save for a couple players each year, the depth of the state goes virtually unnoticed. There are a few factors that go into that, however if Grant Singleton played basketball in North Carolina or Georgia he would have Division 1 offers and a lot of recruitment by this time.

Singleton is a 6' 2018 point guard. He carries a basketball player's frame with two great traits, he does not turn the ball over and he has deep range as a high level shooter. This season he is averaging 20 points and just over 5 assists per game. He is shooting over 40% from 3 and close to 50% overall from the field.

Singleton has a great handle and quick hands, defensively, in the open floor. As the best player on a team who is in the conversation to win the South Carolina 4A state championship, all plays run through Singleton.

Singleton loves Kyrie Irving and notes his ability to shoot and make plays for others as his best attributes,''I watch a lot of Kyrie, try to look at what makes him so good, he is able to make plays. I like to make plays for my team mates. I play a high paced game but with a high IQ. I can also shoot the ball.''Singleton is a very self-aware player, but he also knows where he needs to work,''This season I have grown and have been attacking the rim better. I am becoming a more dynamic playmaker by attacking the basket. I have always shot so well, I didn't need to get in the paint. Now that I have the size, I have seen that opens things up.'

Right now Southern Utah and Coker are talking with Singleton the most. We expect a good bit of Division 1 action for him coming this Summer. He can flat out stroke it with deep range and makes his entire team better.