Phenom Open Gym: 1 of 1 Academy

Phenom Hoops travelled to Charlotte, North Carolina to cover 1 of 1 Academy. Practicing in historic Second Ward Gymnasium, it was a treat to watch the coaching of Head Coach Jermaine Jackson. Talk about attention to detail and heavy emphasis on defense and proper close outs, the players were being coached at an extremely high level. The former Detroit-Mercy and NBA player is best known as NBA star LaMelo Ball manager. That being said, don’t let that fool you. Coach Jackson is a student and teacher of the game. He coaches at a high level and his knowledge of the game is apparent within 15 minutes of watching practice. More importantly, it was all business for ninety minutes of practice. Now, let’s take a closer look at the standouts from practice and key players for the upcoming season. 

6’8 ’25 Gevonte Ware

Without question, the most dominating player at practice and rightfully so. Last season, he was sidelined with a year long injury. He is now completely healed, has lost 25 pounds and will be a national level prospect in the 2025 class. Standing a physically strong 6’8, Ware has extremely soft and passer friendly hands, not to mention excellent footwork in the paint. We were most impressed with his ability to use his “offhand” for jump hooks in the paint. Still learning to use  his girth and frame in the paint for low post positioning, look for Ware to become one of the top prospects in his class for his position. Ware has all the tools along with his size will make him to go to player on this talented, but young team. 

5’9 ’25 LJ Rush

Rush is a super quick floor general that has the ability to stretch the defense with his consistent 3-point shooting ability. He’s a paint touch point guard that has a quick first step, nifty cross-over, and athleticism that makes him one tough containment on the defensive side of the court. In addition, Rush plays aggressive on the ball defense and uses his size and quickness to get under the opposing point guard. 

6’1 ’26 Yohance Conner

It’s hard to imagine a young player that is more intimidating on the defensive side of the ball than Yohance Conner. Simply put, Conner is a “demon” when it comes is “in your face” defensive pressure applied to the opposing guard. Quick, strong and athletic, Conner is able to get to the rim consistently. Once he becomes more efficient scoring the ball with open jumpers, his stock will elevate to another level. 

6’7 ’25 Tayeshaun Smith

Smith has nice size and we were impressed with his ability to put the ball on the floor from the perimeter. He has good mobility and is quite versatile on both ends of the floor and has the ability to defend multiple positions. Matched up against Gevonte Ware the majority of practice, Smith will only become better and better.  


Coach Jackson has an extremely young team. 6’5 senior Jakwon Moore was unable to practice, while 6’10 senior Tai Hamilton was nursing a sore shoulder. That being said, 1 of 1 has a very challenging schedule, but one thing is crystal clear, Coach Jackson is preparing for the future. 5’10 ’26 Jeremiah Jackson will be looked upon to provide a strong presence with his accurate 3-point shooting ability. In addition, Coach Jackson is quite strong at the wing position and if the young players continue to “buy in” to his business-like approach to the game, they will have something special brewing for many years to come. 


5’9 ’25 LJ Rush
5’10 ’26 Jeremiah Jackson
6’0 ’25 Kobe Broome
6’1 ’25 Nick Diaz
6’1 ’24 Sebastian Akins
6’1 ’26 Yohance Conner
6’1 ’24 Blake Moss
6’4 ’25 Christian Wilkins
6’4 ’25 Isaiah Denis
6’5 ’23 Jakwon Moore
6’6 ’26 Isaiah Williams
6’7 ’25 Tayeshaun Smith
6’8 ’25 Gevonte Ware
6’10 ’23 Tai Hamilton