Daniel Sackey
By Jamie Shaw

Sackey is a smallish point guard, but that does not at all deter him from his production. An uber-athlete, Sackey plays both ends with a constant chip on shoulder and that shined in this one as he was able to fill the stat sheets in every category.

Sackey played last year at The Hill Academy in Canada, he carries 4 offers from Kent State, Stony Brook, Evansville, and Winthrop. However, after reclassifying he has had the likes of UConn, Texas and Butler calling on him pretty consistently.

Sackey describes himself as an up and down point guard, but one who likes to play in control. He watches a lot of film on smallish point guards like Isaiah Thomas and Tyler Ulis. He loves the way that Isaiah Thomas is able to manipulate angles to get what he wants and the way that Ulis runs a team.

Even though Sackey is finding a lot of success at 22 Feet Academy, he knows that he has to continue to work on his game. Right now Sackey is constantly making sure he gets his jump shot right and his passing and game IQ in order. In our opinion he does both things well, but we love the grind.

Sackey finished this game with 8 points, 6 assists, 5 boards, and 4 steals. Modest numbers, but filled across the board. However, if you watch the game you saw clearly the impact he had.