Phenom’s 3G Showcase || May 19-20 || Fayetteville, NC (Freedom Courts)

6’9” Miles Evans
NC Empire Elite 16s

Evans has great size, with a sturdy frame and long arms. What intrigues so much about the high academic lefty is his ball skills. He has great hands and touch with range that extends out beyond the 3-point line. Evans continues to get better each time he steps on the floor, as his confidence continues to grow. He can put it on the floor for one or two dribbles and can get hot from the mid range, extended.


6’9” Josiah Shackelford
Hoop State Elite – Rexrode 17s

Shackelford is a physical marvel. At the North Carolina Top 80 athletic combine he measured at a 7’2” wing span and a 38” vertical jump. Those are impressive measurements and numbers that bring an unknown to the forefront of the conversation. Shackelford plays with a great motor and is a very good run and jump athlete. Still a little raw, he is a good rebounder/shot blocker and has touch that extends to 18 feet. Watch his development, he should quickly become a darling of college coaches in July.


pic via @clintboneschans

6’7” Kyron Kelly
Flight 22 Elite 16s

This is a new name for many, but one that you could be hearing a lot about in the future. He is a very athletic player who has an aggressive streak in his game. He fills the lane like a gazelle and looks to finish above the rim in transition. Defensively he has multiple position versatility and upside. Regardless, this could be his breakout event but without question watch him moving forward.


6’4” Lemario Wilkerson Jr
NC Empire Elite 16s

Wilkerson was spectacular during Session 2 of the Spring NC Phenom 150 exposure camp, winning the camp’s MVP award. The lefty has a smooth feel for the game. He is a good secondary ball handler with a great pace. He is explosive at the rim and is able to knock down the 3-ball and pull up both off the bounce and the catch. D1 scholarships should be in his future and it is only a matter of time before his first one comes.


6’2” Jajuan Carr
WBC Elite 17s

Carr is a strong, compact and very explosive guard. He is able to score it as well as set up his teammates, a playmaking guard. He also thrives in doing the tough guy stuff, the defending, rebounding, etc…that so man don’t enjoy. All in all, Carr is productive and his production and work ethic bleed down throughout his team. Maybe one of North Carolina’s biggest sleepers in the 2020 class, watch closely.