Wesley Christian:

6’8 ’19 Puoch Puoch

There’s no other way to describe Puoch other than incredibly unique. He’s long, wiry, and brimming with two-way polish. Puoch opened up this contest by bringing the ball up and initiating sets on every offensive possession, but quickly displayed his intriguing ability to create from anywhere on the floor. He scores extremely well around the basket and knows how to take advantage of mismatches or open opportunities, but his vision and playmaking instincts are arguably his most noteworthy attributes. Puoch sees the entire floor and makes the incredible pass look simple, while also making the correct play. He’s a high-level Division I prospect that should begin piling up offers over the coming months.


6’10 ’19 Arol Kachuol

It’s easy to find noteworthy prospects throughout this Wesley Christian roster, which certainly includes Kachuol. He’s big, mobile, and athletic with size, making him a nightmare matchup for most opponents. Kachuol does a great job of focusing on doing the dirty work, pursuing rebounds and protecting the rim, on both ends of the floor. He scored mostly on dump-off passes and dunks in transition, but showed signs of a quality post game throughout this game. It’ll be interesting to see where he ultimately lands, as he could contribute to a variety of Division I programs.


Heritage Christian:

6’3 ’19 Przemek Zygumciak

The most reliable player for Heritage during their first game at Phenom’s National Showcase was Zygumciak. He’s a point guard that did a terrific job of getting downhill and making plays within the arc. Zygumciak utilizes a lot of sharp, decisive movements to navigate around opponents and displayed the necessary vision to operate as the lead creator from start to finish. He has a solid-looking jumper, but is at his most efficient when finishing around the basket. Zygumciak makes great decisions with the ball and showed a great understanding of how to work the two-man game.


6’3 ’23 Daniel Ntambwe

There were numerous exciting prospects in the Freddy Johnson Gymnasium for the first day of our National Showcase, but Ntambwe arguably brings the most intrigue of anyone in the gym. He’s extremely young, but already contributes on a regular basis. His offensive game is still somewhat of a work in progress, but he displays a clear understanding of how to make his presence felt on defense. Ntambwe is built like a tank, especially for a guard, and plays very hard at all times. Expect to hear more and more about him as he continues to add polish to his skillset over the coming years, especially given his genetics (brothers with Joel Ntambwe and Jonathan Kuminga).


Moravian Prep:

6’2 ’19 Caleb Burgess

The guard prospect has been nothing short of exceptional during these last few months and he continued to further that notion today. He’s been leading his team in a variety of ways lately, from communicating to shot-making to decision-making, and has done it all at a high level. Burgess absolutely dominated in the midrange area throughout this showing, knocking down essentially every shot he attempted while consistently highlighting his ability to stop on a dime for pull-ups. He defends with passion, intensity, and maximum effort. His feel for the game is quite strong and he’s deceptively tricky with the ball in his hands, but knows how to keep it simple and make the right pass at the right time.


6’10 ’20 Javarzia Belton

Like his teammate, Belton is a prospect that has done an incredible job of rapidly elevating his game over the last year. He still uses his size extremely well around the basket to impose his will against opponents for rebounds and shot-altering opportunities. His touch has continued to improve as a shooter and finisher. Belton’s frame is almost unreal and he willingly sacrifices his body on both ends of the floor. He doesn’t require touches to impact the game.


Tennessee Prep:

6’4 ’19 Damion Baugh

The most impressive prospect from the second contest in the Freddy Johnson Gymnasium was Baugh, who possesses truly next-level size, vision, and playmaking abilities at the point guard position. He’s very intelligent and reads the floor with clear poise on every single offensive possession. Baugh’s natural ability to navigate through traffic is very impressive, especially given how often he enters the paint. He’s not much of a scorer, but mainly because it’s not necessary for him to be successful.


6’3 ’20 Denver Jones

The other guard that shared ball-handling duties was Jones, who is one of the younger players on this team, but displayed terrific poise and game management skills. He possesses nice size and strength, which allows him to get wherever he desires on the court. Jones offers a pretty solid blend of scoring and playmaking, but knows how to operate within his role and impact both sides of the floor. Jones is a well-rounded defender that provides a consistent presence for his team.