At the end of each Camp we pass out awards that are voted on by the camp coaches. These include Camp MVP, Mr. Defense, Mr. Hustle, Mr. Playmaker and Mr. Station. We will be doing a separate article on who the players who won each of those awards, however, with this being another Sold Out event, we wanted to make sure more players got their deserved notoriety. We came up with more awards, each that are pretty self explanatory and wanted to paint a deeper picture for the media and coaches reading about each player.

**Note — A couple of these awards overlap with the camp awards, but these players were deserving. 

Best Shooter
6’7″ 2019 Nate Dunlop
Augusta Christian (Augusta, GA)

While there were a lot of good shooters in the gym, it is without question the camp’s leading scorer was the best. Standing 6’7″ the unsigned senior gave a quick flick of the wrist and it was nothing but net from the volley ball line. Coupled with athleticism at the rim and a nice wing handle he was able to keep defenders off balance all day, but it all started with his deep range and quick trigger. His Navy and American offers should soon start to see D1s lining up beside them.

Most Explosive
6’6″ 2020 Reggie Raynor
New Life Christian (Fayetteville, NC)
Raynor walked on the court and looked the part. The lengthy Raynor spent the majority of the day playing above the rim. He used his explosion to rebound the ball well and defend the ball as well as on the wing. Tennessee State has already offered, more should be on the way.

Best Rim Protector
6’9″ 2020 Josiah Shackelford
Word of God Christian (Raleigh, NC)

This should come as no surprise as Shackelford has created quite a buzz for himself over the last 8-10 months. Shackelford has great length and athleticism, but what really stands out with him is his motor. Shackelford did well defending the post as well as protecting from the weak side, he also had a couple chase down blocks. He carries a Coppin State offer, but after his transfer to Word of God many eyes will be on him as his offer list grows.

Most Vocal
6′ 2020 Reggie Walton
New Life Christian (Fayetteville, NC)

There is no missing Walton when he is on the floor. On both ends he is non-stop talking the entire time. It is an infectious type of passion he plays with, one that gets him and his teammates going. Walton won the Mr. Playmaker award for the camp, and he probably went home hoarse as he talked from start to finish.

Best Ball Handler
6′ 2019 Michael Wade
Burlington School (Burlington, NC)

Wade was able to get anywhere he wanted on the floor, he had the ball on a string. Wade is a jet-quick lead guard who has great length and is a great decision maker. However, it was his ability to handle the ball at pace and get where he wanted in the half court. Vision, quickness, handle, sounds like a college point guard to us.

Best Passer
6’2″ 2020 Jackeem Herbin
Burlington Christian (Burlington, NC)

Herbin came into camp with little fan fare, but showed that he is one Division 1s should get to know immediately. Herbin is a combo guard with the ability to score from range or get into the paint and finish, however it is his passing ability that really stood out early. Herbin showed off with an array of no look passes, with both hands. He was able to create passing lanes and thread needles throughout the day. Very intriguing, but as we mentioned, someone college coaches should really get to know.