The Class of 2027 here in North Carolina certainly has been grabbing the attention of our scouts at Phenom Hoops. We continue to find talent all around the state, and one player that we recently watched at our event was 2027 Parker Watkins.

Though it was an updated viewing of when we watched him earlier in the season at our camp, we couldn’t help but walk away incredibly impressed with what this young man offers on the court and his feel for the game at such a young age.

At our Freshman 40 camp, this is what our evaluation said:

“Moving onto a player who consistently found ways to impact the game within the flow of the action, Parker Watkins. He’s a long, fluid wing prospect with great size and a well-rounded skillset. Watkins plays hard and utilizes his ability to do a little bit of everything to reliably fill in the gaps on both ends of the floor. He can create, operate without the ball, and outwork his assignment defensively and on the glass. Watkins is capable of producing in several different roles. Coach Dawkins on Watkins: “Parker is solid. Doesn’t do anything at an elite level but is solid and reliable in every facet of the game. Athletic defender with the ability to shoot the ball. Knows where to be on defense and when to get there.? Watkins did a lot of things well during his time at camp and should be able to carve out a useful role for Hickory Ridge sooner than later.”

In our latest viewing at the Phenom New Year’s Bash, it was clear that Watkins has the tools that should make him a target for college programs down the road, and we are eager to see how he continues to develop and add more to his game. He has the size that you like already at 6’3, he plays with a tremendous feel and understanding of the game, has a high IQ and makes good decisions, is a strong creator and facilitator, makes strong decisions on the floor, and shows can be a threat from an array of levels offensively. But he also can step up as a defensive presence.

You can see that he understands the game and is a true playmaker on the floor, as well as a good decision-maker in helping lead the charge. What he showed once again on the court at the New Year’s Bash, he has a great chance in carving out his name in what looks to be a strong 2027 class.