Player: Madison Drayton
Class: 2027
Height: 5'10
School: Cannon

We continue to look back at the talent that was on display at the Select 60 just a few weeks ago, and a young prospect that really captured the eyes of many who were at the event was 2027 5'10 Madison Drayton from Cannon.

Here is what was said at the event:

'Got a feeling 2027 Madison Drayton will be a name you hear more down the road. Really like her ability to attack off the dribble, create and finish strong, and gets out in transition. Alot to like early on. @Select60 @LadyPhenomHoops #PhenomHoops'

Drayton constantly made her presence felt on the court, and one couldn't help but see her impact.  I really liked her combination of size, her assertiveness on the court, her ability to impact the game in a variety of ways, and what she could ultimately be in the end. Time after time, she was able to be that impact player and be active both on offense and defense.  She guarded multiple positions, created turnovers, and was always making her presence known defensively.  And offensively, it seemed like she was always in attack mode, pushing in transition, seeing and reading the floor, making good passes, and finding ways to put pressure on the defense, get to her spots, and finish well.  Though she is a young prospect who is part of the Class of 2027, Drayton brings a lot of intrigue and potential with her game and she should continue to be an impactful player this upcoming season.