One of the top players in South Carolina is catching more eyes with his play this season, as 2026 6’5 Korie Corbett has been playing at a high level. Ridge View has been making plenty of national news with their play, having a special season to remember. Corbett has been playing at a high level over the last year, helping lead Ridge View, along with developing more about his game. It is what led to our evaluation below and an article we wrote back in August (Click Here).

South Carolina Top 80 Evaluation:

“Moving onto a player who possesses an incredibly appeal array of tools, Korie Corbett. He’s a tough, athletic, versatile wing prospect with a lot of ability and clear long-term upside. Corbett showed the ability to score from all levels, create for himself and others, and apply constant pressure in transition. He’s arguably at his best when getting downhill and attacking the basket, but also knocks down jumpers at a quality percentage along the perimeter. Corbett is able to physically overwhelm opponents on both ends of the floor. He forces turnovers and pushes the break well in transition. Coach Layman on Corbett: ‘Korie possesses good size and pretty good skill. Showed the ability to hit a variety of shots from three-point range but can work on his overall shot selection. Korie has some useful moves with his back to the basket. Needs to play harder in order to maximize his presence on the court.’ Corbett continues to highlight a lot of appealing qualities and will be a prospect to watch closely for Ridge View over the coming years.”

Corbett recently announced that he received a big offer as of late, earning his first SEC offer from Ole Miss. We spoke to him shortly after his announcement to get his take on the offer and if he has plans on learning more about the program.

Phenom: How has everything been going helping lead the charge at Ridge View? How much fun has it been this season?
Corbett: It has been great. I’ve been able to compete at a high level with my teammates to get the job done. It has been probably the most fun I have had in a long time, being able to laugh and enjoy every part of the season.

Phenom: How special has this team been? And how has your game been able to develop?
Corbett: The team is great. I already knew or played with all of them in the past. My game every day competing hard against them in practice, no matter what. My teammates make me better daily.

Phenom: Recruitment is picking up. Thoughts on the big offer from Ole Miss?
Corbett: I’m just really happy and proud of myself. I really like Ole Miss. I’m in contact with a coach who is from my hometown, so it automatically feels like a safe place.

Phenom: What other offers do you hold?
Corbett: South Carolina State and Bethune Cookman.

Phenom: Have any interest in visiting Ole Miss?
Corbett: Yes sir, next month. No specific date yet though.