You may want to start learning the name because 2026 Gabe Weis has a chance to be something special and is a rising star in the Class of 2026. Weis, a 6'7 small forward from Washington County High School, has quickly been garnering the attention of college programs, racking up offers as of late including his latest one from Penn State.

We talked about his focus on the upcoming season, more about his game, his thoughts on the latest offer from Penn State, and more.

Upcoming Season:

Phenom: How has everything been going for you as far as basketball' What has been your focus, your mindset, and getting ready for the upcoming season'
Weis: Well, we just started full-time practice, so it has been busy but in a good way. Football is still in, so it will be nice getting them back. We have a pretty good team and looking forward to seeing what we can do and seeing how far we can go this year.

Phenom: What is your mindset heading into the season with your game specifically with this team'
Weis: Just win games. I know what I'm capable of, but I might need to do something different each game. Whatever it takes to win games.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game and how you like to operate'
Weis: Make 15-footers and get to the rim. I feel like I can shoot a good percentage, and not miss very many shots. I would love to bring my 3-ball percentage up. It was low last season, so it will be nice to bring that up.


Offers: LSU, Lindenwood, Charleston, Illinois, Cincinnati, Liberty, Iowa, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Penn State

Phenom: Recruitment has been going well. Thoughts on the latest offer from Penn State'
Weis: Coach Martelli has been my main recruiter. I haven't really talked to them that much, just started to build a relationship with them. They really like the way I can shoot the ball, run the floor in transition, and how mature I am when I'm on the court.

Phenom: You were able to make a visit to Kentucky for an unofficial for the Big Blue Madness. How was that experience'
Weis: It was good. Coach Cal and Coach O were really invested in me while I was there, so it was good.