A rising prospect in North Carolina to really watch out for is 2026 6'8 Cody Peck from Providence high school, as he has been a name really popping out more with his play this summer.  Though we have known about Peck, one can tell that he has developed big time this summer and college coaches are starting to notice more.  In fact, Peck announced recently that he received his first offer, but we believe that more will be headed his way as he adds more. Check out what he had to say.

Phenom: How did everything go this summer for you' How did your game improve and what areas were you looking to focus on'
Peck: This summer was one of my best. I got more athletic and my confidence with having the ball in my hands grew a lot. The main areas I was looking to improve were ball handling and attacking the rim more aggressively, but as the summer went on, I realized that shooting would greatly add to my value and that I already had some skill in that area.

Phenom: What is your excitement about showing more about your game this upcoming high school season'
Peck: I'm looking to be more of a first option, but also a big asset on defense. Since my confidence has grown, I feel like I will be able to show more of what I can do.

Phenom: What was it like to get that first offer'
Peck: I was super excited. I had seen players my age getting offers left and right, and it made me question if I wasn't as good as I thought. But after my first one came, especially since it was a D1 offer, I am relieved and felt confident.

Phenom: How did you hear about the offer'
Peck: One of the coaches I met over the summer told my dad that he and the assistant coach at Charleston, Coach Carr, would be calling two days after I was a standout at the Charleston Elite Camp  And after my dad put me on the phone, Coach Carr told me he believed my ceiling was very high and that he would like to give me a scholarship.