Right when you look at 2026 6'5 Antonio McKoy, it is extremely easy to get excited about his game and his potential.  He easily checks off the boxes that you look for early on when he walks on the court; 6'5 frame, long, athletic, skilled, and still so much room for development.

And then you dive into his game more on the court, he backs that up and much more.  McKoy does and provides so much on the court on both ends; whether he is scoring, creating for others, attacking the rim, defending multiple positions, showcasing strong handles, and has the ability to take over a game for his team.  And I repeat, there is room for development which only makes him more enticing. 

Right now, he has the attention of many fans around the state, but he could really become an even bigger name around the country and his recruitment should only follow that.  Already one of the top players in the state for his class, McKoy could continue to rise up the ranks and boards for college programs, as he has a chance to be something special here in North Carolina.

What Was Said:

'6’5 2026 Antonio McKoy (Harrells Christian) impacts the game on both ends. Really gets after it defensively & that leads to scoring opportunities on the other end. Has also showcased his ability to knock down shots from 3. One of the top freshmen in the state.'

'Very few can rival the athletic abilities of 2025 Dashaun Mckoy and 2026 Antonio McKoy (Carolina Rockets), long and super active on the ball, relentless in running the floor and crashing the glass, have the skills and motor to match their potential.'

'Easy to see the appeal with 6'5 '26 Antonio McKoy (Carolina Rockets). Bouncy, fluid athlete. Possesses great length and two-way instincts. Displays nice activity on the glass. Applies constant pressure at the rim. Still has a lot of upside remaining.'