Canada has had plenty of talent come through and 2025 Spencer Ahrens looks to be another name to jump on and start taking notice.  The 2025 6’9 prospect brings a lot of intrigue and versatility with his size and skillset, and it looks like he is really starting to garner much more attention his way, both on a national level and with big-time college programs.

Phenom Hoops spoke with Ahrens to learn more about his game, his quick rise and development, and some of the latest in his recruitment with a new offer coming from Michigan. Here is what he had to say.

Phenom: How has everything been going this season your way?
Ahrens: The season has been well, traveled to the US a few times.  Not winning as much as we’d like, but hopefully, we can get there.

Phenom: What has been your focus and mindset with your team and what you can provide?
Ahrens: I would say I’d be the primary playmaker/scoring option on my team. I like to make my teammates better through playmaking, drawing attention, and kicking out.

Phenom: To add to that, how would you best describe your game and how you like to operate on the court in general?
Ahrens: I like to rebound, bring the ball up, and be the playmaker when I can, control pace, don’t allow the defense to set, and take the pressure off the point guard. I can handle and shoot which causes mismatch issues. Most comparisons I get are Franz Wagner, (Lauri) Markkanen, and Luka sometimes. I like watching (Brandon) Ingram.

Phenom: What has been going on with the Canadian National team?
Ahrens: I made the provincial team but couldn’t go due to COVID. I am being looked at currently for the National team, but nothing official yet.

Phenom: What would it be like to make that team and has that been one of your goals?
Ahrens: Yes, that is one of my goals I set out a few years ago. It would be amazing to wear that jersey and represent the country.

Phenom: What has it been like seeing the rise in your game and earning more attention?
Ahrens: I love playing and competing and getting better. Anything that helps me get to the next level is amazing.

Phenom: What areas are you looking to continue to improve on with your game?
Ahrens: I’m always working on defense.

Phenom: Recruitment has gone well. Newest offer came from Michigan. Thoughts on that program, what all do you know about them, and where might they stand early on in your eyes?
Ahrens: My coach made me make a list a few years ago of schools I’d like to go to, and Michigan was on that list.  They have such a good history and are so close to home.  I know much more about them since my visit (back in October). Coach Howard and all the staff were so good to me and my family; great people.

Phenom: How was that visit and what all did you get to do and see?
Ahrens: My visit was amazing, we saw the whole facility, the Crisler Center gyms, and toured the campus with coaches.  Got to join the tailgate party, went to the Big House and walked on the field, and watched the Michigan/ Michigan State football game.

Phenom: What other schools have been coming hard for you early on?
Ahrens: Ohio University, UMBC, Illinois, and Michigan.  Those are my offers. I had a great visit with Michigan State and Western Michigan also. My coaches have spoken to a lot of schools that have interest and I’ve had a ton of calls with schools. I think they’ve all been commenting on my feel for the game and that I’m unique, especially for my size.

Phenom: Any upcoming visits you may want to take or have set?
Ahrens: Nothing set, I think my coaches are trying to set up an Illinois visit.  I’d like to go to the Michigan-Purdue game. I trained with Zach Edey in the summer, so it would be great to see the Michigan coaches again and watch Edey.