If you went back to June of 2023, one of the hottest prospects when it comes to recruiting may have been 2025 Malachi Moreno from Great Crossing High School in Kentucky.  The 7í1 big man has been racking in the offers and it hasnít slowed down even during the high school season. Since June, he has announced offers from Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Arkansas, NC State, Creighton, Florida, Penn State, Auburn, Alabama, USC, LSU, Providence, Syracuse, Kentucky, Baylor, and now Clemson as of late. And more schools continue to show interest his way.

Phenom Hoops was able to get in touch with Moreno to get a little update on all the latest. Check out more about his thoughts early on this season and the latest in his recruitment.

Phenom: How has everything started off for you this season?
Moreno: It has started off pretty well. I have really grown into my own and taken a leap in my game. I have gotten more confident in my ability to score, and defend on and off the ball.

Phenom: What are you wanting to show more with your overall development in your game?
Moreno: I am hoping to show that I can stretch the floor but also do the dirty work in the post. Show that I can defend multiple positions and help all my teammates in multiple ways. I am hoping to highlight my energy on the court and the way I get my teammates involved.  I have worked on my jump shot, my strength, my lateral movement, my explosiveness off the bounce, and not shedding away from contact.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game and how you like to impact the game for your team?
Moreno: I would describe my game like Anthony Davis. I have the post-up game, I can stretch the floor, I can block shots, defend, and rebound. I can shoot the ball, I can impact the game in different ways as well. I do whatever my team needs me to do. I do the work for the name on the front of my jersey.

Phenom: Recruitment has been going well. Got some strong offers lately. Thoughts on the programs that have offered as of late?
Moreno: I have really high praise for them all. It is all mostly the same message: You have the skill, work ethic, and determination to get better and thrive. I just have to figure out what I want to do with it and how hard I am willing to work for it.

Phenom: Kentucky was a big offer. Thoughts on that program and what have they been saying?
Moreno: Love the program. I like the way they are using Tre Mitchell right now and how they have used bigs in the past. It has been an ongoing building relationship since the beginning of my sophomore year, and it has been great. They have been telling me that I have earned the scholarship and that it is in my hands. They said it also depends on how hard I want to keep working and keep getting better.

Phenom: Made plenty of visits. Any school or visit really stand out?
Moreno: They all have stood out to me. They each have that one thing that is better than what others have.

Phenom: Have any more visits coming up?
Moreno: I donít have any visits planned right now. I usually donít travel during the season.

Phenom: What other schools have been showing interest?
Moreno: Virginia, Ole Miss, to name a few others.