Player: DeMarco Johnson
Class: 2025
School: SoCal Academy
AAU: Jalen Green Elite

We head out to California for our latest recruiting news, as Phenom Hoops was able to get in touch with 2025 DeMarco Johnson from SoCal Academy and a 6’3 guard that you may be hearing more about.  Johnson had a solid summer and is now getting a chance to play with a nationally-ranked program, having a chance to not only shine and learn but also get to play in front of college coaches.  Programs have certainly taken notice, as he has added multiple offers already in the month of September and more could be coming.  We dive into it all with Johnson, as he breaks down his thoughts.

Phenom: How was summer this year for you? Who all did you play with and what were you hoping to show more about your game?
Johnson: Summer went well. I played with Jalen Green Elite.  For a first-year program, we did well but there were things we need to improve on.  What I was trying to show on the court was my athleticism, shooting off the dribble, and also being a stronger leader on and off the court.

Phenom: What is your excitement about the upcoming season?
Johnson: I’m excited to show my talents on a national stage with Southern California Academy.  Also, looking forward to playing with great teammates and a great coaching staff that holds me accountable as well.

Phenom: What is it like to play with so much talent around you?
Johnson: It is motivating because every day, I get to go against elite players and I get to learn from them.  They also help me sharpen my game to be a better player.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game?
Johnson: I’m a long athletic combo guard that can create shots off the dribble and create for others.  I also take pride in my defense and show effort and energy on the court.

Phenom: Recruitment has gone well. What offers have you been able to pick up?
Johnson: I hold offers from New Mexico State, Southern Utah, Georgia, and Duquesne.

Phenom: What have those schools been saying they like about your game?
Johnson: Schools said they like the energy and grit that I have on the court and also showing that dog mentality.  Also, the way I view the court and my IQ.

Phenom: What was it like to get that first offer?
Johnson: It was amazing, a blessing come true.  It motivates me to push even harder.

Phenom: Two most recent offers came from Duquesne and Georgia.  What are your thoughts on those schools early on?
Johnson: They are high-level colleges and I’m blessed to be recruited by them. I will keep working hard to achieve my goals. 

Phenom: Do you know who else has been showing interest your way?
Johnson: LSU, Memphis, and Cal State.

Phenom: Any dream schools you have had growing up?
Johnson: Kentucky and Michigan