Player: Jonah Ridgill
Class: 2024
School: Chatham Charter

The season is here, and we are looking at players already around the area, as a few players are coming out with a strong punch to start the season. Several names have been popping up early on, and an under-the-radar player that has been stepping up early has been 2024 6’5 Jonah Ridgill for Chatham Charter.

Ridgill is one who was making an early statement at the Phenom Jamboree, where we had this to say:

“2024 Jonah Ridgill (Chatham Charter) has been able to shine in various ways offensively. He can step out, score inside the arc, and apply pressure to the defense to get to the line. #PhenomHSJamboree”

And the young man has stopped since then, coming out and averaging 19 points per game and 11 rebounds, leading the charge for his team.  Ridgill has length and versatility for his team, much like we said above.  He can score from a variety of ways, moves well throughout the court, scores with touch, and he is at his best inside the arc.  Ridgill may be a new name for some, but he already holds an offer from Guilford and more schools may be taking notice of his production, especially if he continues doing what he has done so far.