2024 Cooper Kowalski had a breakout-type summer with the Charleston Raptors, and it seems that he is popping up more and more on college coaches' radars. 

Kowalski was one that our scouts raved about this summer with what he brought to the court, his energy and motor, and his overall impact. 

'When watching him in action, he was able to bring production immediately to the table; a polished feel, active on the boards, touch in scoring and finishing, and one that can be effective in a variety of other ways. Every time we watched him this past weekend, Kowalski was a key part of his team's success but also didn't need to be the focal point to be productive.'

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Over the summer, he earned an offer first from Catawba, and he has now added offers from The Citadel and Navy as of late.' But Kowalski could be in for an even bigger jump, as schools have been reaching out to him more, expressing interest, and looking to come to watch him more during the high school season.

'It has been going well,' Kowalski said about how everything has been going recruiting-wise.' 'I'm having some schools coming down to watch me in the fall. My coach told me South Carolina, Clemson, The Citadel, Charleston, and possibly Florida State and James Madison (all could be headed to watch him more).'

Outside of the schools that have offered, Charleston and Presbyterian have been two other schools that he has spoken to.' And though his blow-up could continue, he is just taking it one day at a time and seeing how the fall goes.

'I'm waiting to see what these fall workouts do for me and see what doors open,' he replied.'

On a more personal level, Kowalski would love to hear from South Carolina and Clemson, but also schools like Furman, Winthrop, and Elon also intrigue him as well.