Cam Scott… that has been quite a familiar name with Phenom Hoops over several years and also has been well known nationally.  The 6'6 guard/wing has been in the national spotlight for quite some time now and watching him over the years, the long prospect has only continued to elevate his game and develop overall.

Viewing him once again at the Team Camp down in South Carolina recently, it is hard not to be impressed with what he offers and provides, as well as what he still could potentially be. It is also why you had schools like South Carolina, North Carolina, Clemson, and so many others lining the baselines this past weekend, showing how important (maybe THE most important) of a piece he is for their program in the Class of 2024.

Watching him more in countless situations, you must come away with strong thoughts about what he could be in the end… With his long 6'6 frame, there isn't a position, an area, or a situation where he doesn't seem to thrive. When dissecting his game, Scott is a high-level athlete; that is something you can see immediately in warm-ups when he is throwing down windmills with ease. But how he uses that athleticism on the court and in games is impressive, as he continues to show there isn't a shot he isn't comfortable taking, he can rise over defenders from multiple levels at ease, and he can get to his spot when he wants. Add on top his IQ, his ability to impact the game out in transition, his unselfishness on the floor, his elite vision and passing ability (something he should receive more praise for), and his impact on the defensive end, there are just so many factors in his game that have college coaches salivating over what he could be at the next level.

Scott really put on a show at the Team Camp; his leadership, his understanding of situations, his ability to create his own shot but also mesh within the offense and find his teammates, and just his presence on the court are big-time.

His game just continues to evolve, and it is easy to see why so many programs are lining the baseline and making him a high priority at the next level.