Start jumping on board because this won’t be the last time you hear about 2024 Bishop Boswell.  Phenom Hoops got a chance to see Boswell countless times this summer and it was easy to see that this young man had the talent to be a big-time prospect in North Carolina early.

Phenom Hoops Rick Lewis had this to say about his game back in July after watching him multiple times:

“Boswell can play both guard positions and we were impressed with his court vision and timely passing. He played with confidence and poise, but more importantly he rebounds and defends extremely well. In our opinion, his game will translate nicely at the high school level and with his size, length, and skill set, he has a strong chance to be a scholarship level player if he continues to work and develop.”

Well… it didn’t take long for a program to offer as it was reported that Houston was the first to offer Boswell.

“A lot of emotions went through my head,” Boswell told Phenom Hoops.  “I was super excited and just happy for my mom and me.  I feel very blessed to get this opportunity, especially so early.”

He heard the news from his high school coach, Gary Hall, who told Boswell that Houston had offered.  Then Boswell was able to speak to the staff.

“(They just told me to) just stay humble and keep working and the potential he sees in me and my basketball IQ.  He told me a little about his program and the players he has coached in the past and just that he would like to keep in touch from time to time and for me to research about the program.”

Boswell is incredibly excited about the opportunity and he looks forward to building a relationship with the coaching staff at Houston, as well as getting to know how the program operates.

It is apparent though; this is a young man that could be one of the top players in the class of 2024 in North Carolina and should just be the start in his recruitment; but for now, it is off to a great start.