2024 6'9 Eoin Dillon has had a strong summer and looks to only continue his success this upcoming high school season at Peoria Notre Dame in Illinois.' Dillon has been adding multiple offers throughout the last few months, including his latest from Belmont.' Phenom Hoops spoke with the forward to learn some of the latest, his mindset coming into the season, and what visits he has set up.

Phenom: How was everything this summer for you overall' What were you able to show and take away'
Dillon: Everything went well. I was able to show coaches what I can do and how I play, and I took away that you have to play your game, and in the hardest way you can because if you don't, you will get exposed.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game and how you like to operate on the court'
Dillon: I would say I'm a point forward who can shoot it well and I like to handle the ball and get my teammates open.

Phenom: What areas of your game are you looking to improve on'
Dillon: To get more versatile, better ball-handling, and my post-game.

Phenom: What is your excitement about the upcoming high school season'
Dillon: I think we have a good chance of winning states because we dropped a class.

Phenom: Recruitment has gone well for you this summer. Overall feelings on the programs showing you interest and offers coming in'
Dillon: I like all the schools talking to me, but they have been saying they like my versatility, and that I could shoot it really well.

Phenom: Thoughts on your latest offer from Belmont'
Dillon: I like Belmont. They are a great team in a good conference. They said the same thing that everyone else has said about my game, and they are recruiting me hard.

Phenom: Who else has been really staying strong with you so far in your eyes'
Dillon: Green Bay, St. Thomas, Illinois State, and Bradley.

Phenom: Do you have schools that you want to visit'
Dillon: I am going to visit Belmont, Illinois State, Green Bay, St. Thomas, and Bradley.

Phenom: Overall, what are you looking for in a school would you say'
Dillon: Relationships with coaches, play style, and opportunities.