You sometimes can’t help but get excited about the future for players, especially when you see the growth of a young but developing big.  One player that I happened to stroll by at the Coach Rick’s TOC that grabbed my attention was 2024 6’8 Dirk Wyatt DeGraaf with Garner Road. 

He is a name that we saw earlier this summer but you can see that this young big man has been working hard in developing his game and feel.  He isn’t a dominating big yet but there is a lot to like by what he provides on the floor. DeGraaf runs and moves extremely for his size, from end to end. He also shows that he is active down in the paint on both ends, whether it is offensively, keeping the ball high, having active hands, and showing good touch around the rim, or if it is defensively, getting on the boards and being a nice presence in the paint.

The young big man showed flashes of his potential in being a nice force on both ends of the floor and should be one to really start monitoring. It will be interesting to see how he continues to grow and become a bigger offensive threat, but there is a lot to like about him early on.