Some may have heard of him and others may have not, but 2024 6’8 Derik Queen is going to be a player that a lot of people are going to know about by the end of his high school career.

But, for people that may not know about him, Queen is a big-time, skilled forward that is posting some impressive numbers as a freshman and is already capturing the eyes and offers from high-major programs around the country.

He recently went down to the Beach Ball Classic, where he captured the eyes of many with his performance vs. Real Salt Lake Academy, scoring 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals in a win for Baltimore Panthers.  It was an event that really helped him but also allowed him to play against some tough competition.

“Beach Ball was a great experience,” Queen told Phenom Hoops.  “Very good competition; it’s been really good with my team.”

A valuable learning experience but also a chance to play on a big stage, Queen showed how he could operate on the floor and be a stretch forward on the court.  With his ability to get his teammates involved but also score the ball with his size, there is a reason why schools like Maryland, Georgetown, LSU, Arizona State, and Virginia Tech have all offered already; and there will certainly be more coming down the road.

If one gets a chance to watch this man operate on the court, we highly suggest you check this stud freshman out.

Coach’s Thoughts:

We were able to speak more with the staff at Team Thrill, Queen’s AAU program, to learn even more about his game. 

“One phrase: do it all point forward,” they said.  “At 6’8, he plays every position on both ends, has phenomenal IQ on the court, and is a good passer.  He can score on all three levels and has the ability to attack any mismatch he has on the floor.  Over the last year, he has realized how good he can be and has put more into his training.”