Player: Brayden Crump
Class: 2024
Height: 6’8
School: Moravian Prep
AAU: NLPB 2023

Coach’s Thoughts:

Brayden Crump is one of WNC best-kept secrets. How this 6’8 power forward has not been seen is more doesn’t make sense. He can be your best 3-point shooter or can give you a quick 15 in the paint. Brayden is the first option of any fellow teammates passing for the alley-oop dunk in transition. His ability to run the pick and roll or the pick and pop for the 3 is a coach’s dream.  His footwork is almost unmatchable to another player in his class. Brayden Crump is playing in the 2023 class but the most impressive thing is he’s in the 2024 class. He is a leader on the court speaking on defense in every position. He runs the court making it an easy assist for the guards on his team.

Brayden is a shot blocker. His help defense helps his team every game. He has the ability to stay in control while blocking the shot. Brayden knows how to use the back board for blocks to avoid the foul and help his team regain position. He also has the ability to go coast to coast after a block or a steal, which helps every offense he plays with. He can transition to the 5, given the game scenario making him a “most have” on the court when your team is a transition high paced team.

Brayden is 6’8 but what separates him from most others playing the position is that his athleticism never creates a mismatch defensively. He can go from guarding a center to a guard in a single position with ease. The wingspan of this 6’8 power forward makes it extremely tough to score on.