Phenom Hoops was on deck throughout the day for the VISAA, checking in on the talent, finding new names, and looking to watch some incredible games as teams were looking to advance to the championship games and be crowned a champion.

Here are the final scores and standouts from each game, as we continue to update throughout the day.

Final: Banner Christian 53 ' New Covenant 52

2023 Caleb McNeely (Banner Christian): McNeely has had a tremendous year and was the clear leader once again, as the 6'5 versatile prospect did a little bit of everything. Was able to finish around and at the rim, get out in transition well, score inside the paint and over defenders, but also put it on the deck and create and step out from the perimeter. Very interesting prospect to look at.

2024 Luke Libbey (New Covenant): Libbey was able to come out red hot in this game and showcase his range, as he hit five 3-pointers in the first half to put his team in a position to win this game. Moved well without the ball, found open spots, and had confident range.

2024 Joshua Hanna (Banner Christian): Liked what I saw from the forward in this game, as he not only remained active down in the paint and finished with a soft touch, but was also able to stretch the defense and hit key shots from outside. Really stepped up for his team when they needed it.

Final: Hampton Christian 64 – Carlisle 62

2023 Chris Cyrus (Hampton Christian): The senior led the charge in this one, before eventually fouling out. But he was impressive throughout, really showing his versatility, being effective in getting downhill and finishing at the rim or over defenders, making plays off the bounce, but also being able to step out as well. Was the clear go-to player in this one and scored the ball effectively.

2026 Trey Beamer (Carlisle): Beamer looks to be the real deal up in Virginia, as the freshman really stepped up for his team in a tough one. Beamer is excellent with the ball in his hands, creating for himself, being able to get to his spots for his jumper, creating well off the bounce for himself or for others, and just having that natural instinct to go get a bucket.

2025 Branson Leduc-Mattox (Carlisle): New name personally for me, but was impressed with the sophomore. What really attracted me to his game was his energy and motor on both sides of the court, playing hard, staying active, creating deflections, and really being strong in attacking the defense and getting to the basket. A strong showing from the sophomore.

2024 Sean O’Conner (Hampton Christian): The big man down low did what is needed to help his team win a tough battle. O’Conner runs the floor, gets to his spots, and really can be effective in keeping the ball high, having a quick soft touch, and scoring around the basket. Played hard all throughout and was a big piece to his team’s win today.

Final: Fairfax Christian 66 – Eastern Mennonite 42

2023 Joseph Baldwin (Fairfax Christian): Baldwin continues to be a name that pops up at this event, and still believe that this is a college-level player. Continues to flourish with his athleticism, his versatility, and his strength, as he finished time after time around the rim and through contact. A physical prospect that can defend multiple positions, and impact the game in a variety of ways.

2024 Nijel Howard (Fairfax Christian): Howard came out strong in this one and certainly caught some eyes, as the 6’7 not only knocked down shots with his mid-range and from three but also finished at the rim. Very long player that uses it well, can stretch the floor, and also defends well at his size.

2023 Davarion Johnson (Eastern Mennonite): Johnson has been the leading scorer for this team all year long, averaging 23ppg and you can see that he has the green light with this group. Johnson knocked down multiple tough shots, and continues to show his range on the court. Scoring guard that finds his shot and can let it fly from deep.

Final: Life Christian 77 – Carmel School 67

2023 Judah Egbo (Life Christian): Egbo is a name we are familiar with and is one that continues to make strides as a prospect down low. Good, athletic down low presence, has the ability to make his presence felt on both sides, alters shot, and continues to show flashes of his offensive scoring down low in the post. Plays with tremendous energy on the floor.

2027 Bryan Mitchell (Life Christian): Mitchell, only in 8th grade, really made his presence today. He finished with a game-high 21 points to lead the charge, hitting multiple threes in the game. Knocking down four 3’s, The 6’2 youngster has a great frame at his age, and really elevated his game in a big way. Not afraid of the bright lights.

2023 Aaron Brown (Carmel School): One of the main reasons that Carmel was leading and in this game was the play of senior Aaron Brown, as he was a continuous threat on the floor with his scoring ability. Played with good confidence, knock down shots from a variety of levels, and made plays to step up for his team in this one.

Final: Highland School 47 – Steward School 41

2023 Curtis Blair (Steward School): Blair is a player that we have highlighted, and we think Liberty has a very good piece coming their way. Blair is a 6’5 prospect that is able to create his own shot and really make tough shots look easy. He is a multi-level scorer that can be physical and finish strong, as well as rise up over defenders.

2024 Owen Gray (Steward School): A 6’10 junior, Gray brings a lot of intrigue with his size, his mobility and fluidity on the court, and his impact. And I believe that there is more to his game that he can continue to develop. But he has a great feel in the post, moves well without the ball and makes his presence felt defensively.

2024 Julian Rivera (Highland School): Rivera is a crafty, high IQ type point guard. He sees the floor well, has a nice burst in his game to get by opponents, creates well off the dribble and is able to get into the paint, but also does what a leader is supposed to do and step up to hit big shots. He did that on Friday; impressive showing in the comeback win.

2023 DJ Johnson (Highland School): Though there are players that made their presence felt, Johnson was one that kind of goes under the radar a bit but really makes an impact for this team. He competed really hard and was physical defensively, doing some of the dirty work without being the focal point for the team. Plays hard, puts his body on the line, makes the extra effort, and uses his strong frame to finish.

Final: Miller School 62 – Hargrave 38

2024 Eli DeLaurier (Miller School): The big man was incredibly impressive today, finishing with 22 points to lead the charge. DeLaurier continues to make strides, but also brings intrigue with what he could be in the end as he still has potential. But the 6’9 center shows his ability to step out and show his confidence from behind the arc, but also be a strong presence in finishing around the basket, blocking shots, and being strong on the boards.

Final: Paul VI 77 – Blue Ridge 53

2024 Shanon Simango (Blue Ridge): Simango is an absolute battler on the court. Every time we see him, even though many say he is a bit undersized, he is going to compete on the boards and in the paint. 6’11 wingspan, active all over, strong hands, finishes strong and plays bigger than listed. He leaves it all out on the court each time we watch this big man.

2024 Kamren Martin (Blue Ridge): Martin continues to be an intriguing prospect with his 6’5 frame and how he can operate on the court. He can help run the show, sees the floor, and makes plays for his teammates. But can also be that go-to scorer when needed, as he did so today with 17 points for his team.

2024 Ben Hammond (Paul VI): Though another small guard with Paul VI, the 5’11 prospect led the charge and really makes a strong impact on both sides of the court. Gritty and tough-minded defensively, but also show touch, his ability to create and get paint touches, and also facilitates as well to his teammates.

2023 DeShawn Harris-Smith (Paul VI): I’ve stated my feelings about Harris, and Maryland is going to be getting a player that brings a different mentality to the court. Even though you know his game, you still have trouble slowing him down with how tough and physical he can be, whether it is scoring or getting to the line. Just a tough matchup for any team in my opinion.

Final: St. Anne’s-Belfield 79 – Catholic 62

2025 Austin Williford (STAB): Williford is a player that I really enjoy watching, and he continues to move the rankings for me. I believe his recruitment should really start taking off, as he can be used and operates in so many ways. Whether it is his IQ, his shot-making, his athleticism, his two-way presence, or his understanding of the game, this is a quality player that college coaches should be looking at.

2026 Kosi Mgbejiorfor (Catholic): The 6’10 freshman big has so much potential in what he could in the end. The big man shows his flashes of being a defensive presence, blocking shots, and being a rim-protector. But he has a good early feel as well on the offensive end. Give him some time, but there is a lot to like about this big man’s potential.

2025 Chance Mallory (STAB): Another sophomore guard, Mallory started out slow but started to come on more in the second half. But when you watch his game, he can be a lethal weapon with his shooting ability, especially from behind the arc. But he also is one that is tough and gritty, makes plays, always seems to be making plays, and plays hard defensively.

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