Player: Dalen Davis
Class: 2023
Height: 5’11
Position: Guard
High School: Whitney Young
AAU: Meanstreets

Phenom Hoops continues to bring you content surrounding the recruitment of players around the country.  Continuing to look at the Meanstreets program, Phenom got in touch with a fast-rising guard in 2023 Dalen Davis.  He is helping run the show this summer and has racked up some strong offers already at a young age, including two new ones from South Carolina and Kansas.  We sit down to discuss his thoughts on the latest.

Phenom: Wanted to first ask you how this summer has been going for you? What has been your mindset and goal?
Davis: It’s been a rocky start.  I’ve been dealing with the after-effects of a concussion that happened during the season, just trying to get my rhythm back.  My goal for the summer is to improve my overall skill and to become more a leader being a point guard.  I think me building the leadership will translate to the next season, next level, but also in life.

Phenom: You mentioned you faced a concussion this past season but outside of that, how did the high school season go for you and your team?
Davis: Our goal heading into the season was to, of course, take advantage of the opportunity to play and also go undefeated in the month our district allowed us to play.  Even though we didn’t go undefeated, it was a blessing to play and another opportunity for our seniors to play in some sort of season for their last year of high school.  For me personally, I enjoyed playing and being around the team, our chemistry was great, competitiveness was there, and I believe if we can put all the pieces together it will be scary.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game on the court?
Davis: I like to score on all three levels, get into the lane and create for others.  Like to lockdown whoever I’m guarding, make them feel hesitant going against me. Up-tempo game.

Phenom: How has your recruitment been going overall in your eyes?
Davis: It’s been better than I ever expected and I’m blessed for the opportunity colleges are giving me to play at the next level.

Phenom: Got some impressive offers.  Wanted to ask you your thoughts.  First, what are your thoughts on South Carolina, your latest offer?  Who have you developed a relationship with, what have they been saying your way, and how might you fit into their system?
Davis: I like South Carolina’s style of play.  I’ve talked with one of the assistant coaches and he has told me the emphasis they put on the defensive end, the trust they put in their guards to make plays.

Phenom: Kansas was a big offer for you, what are your thoughts on them and your relationship with them as well.  What was your excitement with that offer?
Davis: It’s a blue-blood school and for me to receive an offer from there, I’m blessed.  Kansas, since I was 6, has been my dream school.  I was young, it wasn’t any particular player that drew me to them but I always like the blue of the jersey.  Over time, it became a motivation for me to be the best and now, inspires me to keep pushing. Much like South Carolina, big emphasis on toughness and defense, offense this year was a flow, constant moving and it’s a style coach believed I can fit into.

Phenom: You hold other offers from before as well. Have they continued to stay in constant touch with you?
Davis: Yes they do.

Phenom: I know it is early but would you say any of these programs are recruiting you hard early on?
Davis: South Carolina

Phenom: What other schools have been showing interest your way but haven’t offered?
Davis: Stanford and a few other schools.

Phenom: Know it is tough during this time but are there any schools you would like to visit?
Davis: Haven’t really thought about taking any visits yet but would love to.