Player: Antonio Perkins
Class: 2023
Height: 6’3
AAU: 1of1 Elite
High School: Northside Christian Academy

The Phenom Summer Havoc was an off-the-charts event, as it really opened our eyes to so many players and gave us an updated viewing of their development.  One player of interest that we have seen only continue to grow as a player is 2023 6’3 Antonio Perkins from 1of1 Elite.  For much of the time, Perkins was labeled as a player that could stretch the floor with his outside shooting but the more you watch his game, the more you can see that he has continued to add more pieces to his game.

Watching Perkins operate on the court, he has been able to add levels to his game, continuing to show his ability to stretch the floor with his jumper from outside but he is now showing his ability to put it on the deck, create for himself, and finish strong around the basket.  You also have to take notice of his unselfishness, willingness to make the extra pass, and his impact on the boards, showing that he can be a strong presence in both.

Perkins can’t just be labeled as a player that can stretch the floor, but he is showing that he can really impact the game in a variety of ways, has gotten stronger overall, can now be an effective scorer from multiple levels, and make his presence felt in a variety of other ways.