During the LIVE Period, players had the opportunity to play in front of college coaches and there certainly isn’t anything better than playing well, earning interest from schools, and ultimately securing an offer. That is what happened recently for 2023 Aaron Hall with Team United, as he racked in an offer from Radford and opened many other programs’ eyes with his play.

Phenom spoke to him about the latest on playing with Team United, his excitement about the upcoming high school season, and how he ultimately heard about his first offer.

Phenom: First off, how has it been this summer playing with Team United and playing on the big stage?
Hall: I don’t mind it at all.  It has been great. It has been a little tough playing against more elite and bigger players my age but it’s been a great process and I love it here.

Phenom: What has it shown you where you are and what you can focus on?
Hall: It has shown me a lot like what my strengths and weaknesses are against players on the wing and my height but I just need to focus on my ball-handling and shot off the dribble.

Phenom: What is your excitement now heading into your high school season and being a bigger piece, taking what you have learned from this summer and putting it into the season?
Hall: I’m excited to bring my skillset to the floor because last year, my skillset wasn’t that good but from what I have learned and improved in, I’m ready to show this upcoming season and bring more eyes from college coaches.

Phenom: You got that first offer from Radford. What was that moment like for you and how did you hear about it?
Hall: I was actually surprised because Coach Hatchett asked if someone had texted me and at that time, my phone was dead, so I couldn’t see it until later that day but my teammate told me before I knew.

Phenom: What did they have to say when they offered?
Hall: That they were very impressed with the way I played during my game, I believe, we were playing CC Elite, but he said he loved the way I played defense.

Phenom: Does anything stand out early on for you about them yet?
Hall: I haven’t exactly looked at the basketball program but my mom and I did look at the academics first; that is what I always will look for first and the programs in which I want to major in are great.

Phenom: Have you heard from any other schools as far as interests?
Hall: East Tennessee State, Georgia State, Western Carolina, Air Force, Jacksonville, Charlotte, East Carolina, Gardner-Webb, Clemson, Houston, UNCG, and Howard.

Phenom: What have they been saying mostly your way in general?
Hall: That they really like the way I play and can’t wait to meet me and have me come visit their campus.

Phenom: Any schools you may look or want to visit?
Hall: I would like to visit Clemson, Houston, and East Tennessee State. I have visited Charlotte not long ago.