2023 Brandon White has been a hot topic in North Carolina and that he should be. The 6’10 prospect was once looked at as one of the top bigs in the 2022 class but he recently made waves throughout the state and his recruitment when he announced he would be part of the 2023 class.

Things have certainly changed over the last year or so for White, being a name many didn’t know about, tucked away at North Rowan to today, being part of a national team at Winston-Salem Christian, playing with Team United, and holding multiple high-major offers.

When we first saw White, which was well over a year ago now, one could see the absolute potential in his game, getting a glimpse of what the end product could be for the young man.

“White has a legitimate shot to be a high major prospect. At 6’9 White tries to rip the rim off the backboard every time he gets the chance and that’s an incredibly welcoming sign for a young big. He’s certainly raw in some areas, his perimeter game is still evolving, his body is still transforming, but he’s got a great frame, athleticism, and a high motor. He runs the floor really well in transition and does a great job protecting the rim on the defensive end. He rebounds both backboards and is absolutely imposing as hell for a sophomore.”

And the last season at Winston-Salem Christian certainly helped him in many ways, playing a national schedule, playing up in competition, and continuing to develop his overall feel for the game under Coach Antonio Lowe.

“It has been a crazy thrill,” White told Phenom Hoops when asked about his year at WS Christian.  “We grew as a team and we had to live up to what Coach Lowe expected from us.  I’ve just gotten better. Next season is going to be crazy.”

White admits that there has been a big difference from where he was to where he is today but this could just be the start for this young man.  That is why so many schools are already putting in the work to knab a talent like White. 

White received his first offer from Virginia Tech back in March of 2020, certainly one that he was excited about but he didn’t want it to stop there… and it didn’t.  He has now added offers from Western Kentucky, East Carolina, USF, Texas A&M, Tulsa, Maryland, NC State, Wake Forest, Houston, and Pittsburgh since then.

“They like my size, my athleticism, my rebounding, and they are just telling me to keep working on my game,” White said. 

That list is impressive already but you can be certain that White will be adding more offers down the road, as a few more schools have been expressing interest his way.  White mentioned schools like North Carolina, Kansas, Providence, and Clemson have all contacted him as well, as they are hoping to see him grow more with his game.