College coaches are always looking for bigs. They can be tough to find some times and it takes time to develop them, longer than others for some. But you can also find some diamonds in the rough that really showcase a ton of potential in they could be at the end. That is why we are looking at the 2022 class and a few underrated bigs that seem to be a little quiet as far as recruitment but could be in for a big summer and ones to monitor throughout.

2022 6’8 Jaxon Ellingsworth

Ellingsworth is an intriguing prospect to really track this summer. First off, he had a tremendous season at West Carteret, averaging an impressive 21.1 points, 10.1 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks per game.  And now, he could be a forward to really watch this summer and his recruitment could start taking off. 

Ellingsworth has a good feel for the game with his length, athleticism, and skill.  He has an advanced skill set to his game and is extremely productive on the court, filling up the statsheet and being effective on both sides. Ellingsworth also has really good touch that can operate from multiple levels as a forward, whether it is finishing around and at the rim or stepping out and knocking down shots from the perimeter. 

He seems to be still an under-the-radar type prospect but if he continues to show his production level from this past season and what we saw early on this summer, Ellingsworth could see his recruitment take a boost.

2022 6’10 Iffy Ufochukwu

Ufochukwu is a 6’10 prospect that holds a few offers already but still seems to be regarded as an underrated prospect compared to other bigs in North Carolina.  But there is a lot to like about his game and the steps he has made in his game can be seen, with a lot more potential to his game. 

Iffy has really worked hard in developing his body and conditioning and provides frontcourt size and an interior defensive presence.  He has nice timing on blocking shots, moves really well for his size, and runs the floor well to finish or be a presence in the paint.  He is strong, active, and does a nice job in clogging up the lane and making himself big without fouling. 

Again, there is still room to grow with his game but Ufochukwu is one to continue to monitor and his development.

2022 7’0 Micah Handlogten

It is crazy to think that it was over two years watching Handlogten in action at SouthLake Christian with Jonathan Kurtas but here we are now.  At that time, it was all based on potential but he has steadily improved his game and is now a rising big that could be a nice piece for a college program. 

Handlogten obviously brings size but his skillset really has taken a big step forward and he was a consistent threat on the floor all summer long last year.  Now, he hopes to have that same impact and even more this summer, as he is a long, wiry, fundamentally sound big that utilizes his size very well.  He doesn’t necessarily have to be the primary force but he can still make an impact. 

Handlogten is yet another prospect that college coaches should look at and see the potential once you can get him on a college campus, so be sure to put him on your list to watch this summer.

2022 6’9 Leon Nahar

Nahar is an interesting story. Getting a chance to watch the Asheville School this past high school season, Nahar was a name that many if any knew at that time but you could see that there was something about his game that attracted your eyes. 

As Rick Lewis said, “potential, potential, potential.”  He has a smooth game and is fluid on both sides of the court.  He uses his length to block shots, moves well with or without the ball, runs the floor, and can step out to knock down shots.  Nahar has been attracting some eyes and interests with his game and what he could be at the end, but will this be the summer that a college program pulls the trigger and offers him?

We shall see but he is one that should be monitored all summer long.