Shooters are always going to capture the eyes of college coaches around the country; every program needs a few.  A player that has certainly labeled himself as one of the top shooters in the state of North Carolina has been 2022 Mike Zanoni from Greensboro Day.

Coming from Providence Day to Greensboro Day, Zanoni has continued to take his game up a level and is showing that he can be a lethal weapon from the perimeter, while also adding more dimensions to his game under the likes of Freddy Johnson and the coaching staff at GDS.

Phenom Hoops was impressed with his 23-point performance vs. Grace Christian and wanted to get in touch to get an update on what has been the latest with him and his recruitment. Check out the latest in our 1-on-1 interview with him.

PHR: First off, how has everything been going for you at Greensboro Day in your first season?

Zanoni: Really good so far. I enjoy playing for our coaching staff every day because they hold me and the team to a high standard and value good basketball and defense, which is necessary to win games. Practices are also very competitive every day.

PHR: What has it shown you or taught you as a player early on?

Zanoni: To value good shots but be aggressive while playing in the system.

PHR: How do you think you have improved with your game this summer until now?

Zanoni: My strength and getting to the basket, as well as my rebounding.  My biggest improvement has been my defense I would say.  It’s been a focus for me to guard at a high level and defend multiple positions.

PHR: How has your recruitment been going?

Zanoni: It has been solid, a little slow with everything going on but I’m just working on getting better every day.

PHR: What offers do you currently hold and what have they been talking to you about?

Zanoni: UMBC and Mount St. Mary’s.  They just talk about how they love my shooting and how I could translate very well at the next level.

PHR: What are your thoughts on both UMBC and Mount St. Mary’s? What do you like about each and does anything stand out so far for you?

Zanoni: What stands out is how much emphasis they have on pushing the ball and using shooters especially in transition.

PHR: How strong have they been recruiting you over the last few months?

Zanoni: They have been reaching out often.  Utah also reaches out a lot along with Virginia Tech.

PHR: Oh yeah, what have they been saying your way?

Zanoni: That they love my shooting ability and my size as a guard.

PHR: Have you been able to take any virtual visits or learn any more about any of those schools that have offered or shown interest?

Zanoni: Yes, I did a zoom with Mount St. Mary’s and I was able to learn a lot about their program and what they have to offer.

PHR: Have any other schools reached out to show interest your way?

Zanoni: Marquette, Charlotte, Appalachian State, Elon, and UNCG.