Amare Haynie came from AL Brown, where he averaged nearly 18 points a game, to Moravian Prep this past season, becoming an important part of the team’s run to a championship this past season.

Playing with some impressive talent around him, it would take some time for him to adjust to his role but something that helped him in the long run.

“I played with a lot of high-level guys (at Moravian),” Haynie told Phenom Hoops recently.  “Coming from a place where I was the No. 1 guy to a place where everyone is good, it just made my find my role.”

It not only helped him find his role but it helped him with his overall game, finding other ways to impact the game on the court, help build his confidence, and continue to push him in becoming a better player.  Throughout this season, he felt that he could do a little bit of everything that was asked of him and Haynie certainly showed that.  Whether it was using his length to get to the rim and score/rise up over defenders, or if it was to lead the offensive attack and find his teammates, Haynie continued to shine and take advantage of the opportunities in front of him.

Which is why his recruitment has certainly picked up.  He currently holds offers from UAB, UNC-Wilmington, and Ole Miss, with the offer from the Rebels being his biggest one as of right now.

“They just want me to come in to be a point guard for them,” he said when asked what the coaching staff at Ole Miss has been talking to him about.

Several other schools, especially from the ACC, have been expressing interest his way as well.  Clemson, Wake Forest, NC State, Elon, Winthrop, and several others have shown interest.

“They just want me to keep playing my game and then an offer could potentially come.  They just want to see me develop as a player, start raising my level in my game.”

One school of interest is NC State, especially when playing with his teammates Josh Hall and Shakeel Moore this past season at Moravian Prep.  He certainly has gotten a nice taste of what the Wolfpack have and the staff has continued to stay in touch.

“They just want me to be better than them, come in and work hard,” he said.

During these times, Haynie won’t be able to make any visits to schools but he was hoping to take one to UNC-Wilmington at some point.  He was able to take a visit to Clemson earlier in the season.