One of the top players at the Phenom WCN 150 was 2022 6’9 Deante Green and he impressed Phenom Hoops enough to earn MVP honors at the camp.

Regarded as one of the top prospects at the camp, in North Carolina, and for his class, Green has been putting in the work to raise his game and many are noticing.

At the Phenom WNC 150, Green averaged 18.7 points per game and in an array of ways.  Standing at his size, he already has the physical tools to be a down-low presence but he also surprised many with his ability to stretch the floor, knock down outside jumpers, and showcase his handles.

Here is what Phenom Hoops’ Rick Lewis had to say after his play in Cherokee.

“Known for his inside presence, Deante Green has made refining his perimeter skills a major priority and has done so with flying colors. Green was showcasing a “point forward” mentality handling the ball and being the team’s facilitator. We were impressed with his ability to set up the offense in the half-court and was constantly looking to make the “pitch ahead” pass. In addition, Green showcased the outstanding range and was quite efficient from the 3-point line.”

His ability to expand his range and his game is something that Green has worked on a lot this summer, hoping to showcase that he can be more than just a big man.

“This summer, I’ve focused on transforming myself into a wing,” he told Phenom Hoop Report.  “To do that, I had to change my body and how I eat.  I focused on improving my shot, ball handling, and getting in shape.  I feel like if I keep transforming my game, I can be able to play the 3-5 position at the next level.

I can play with my back to the basket but I can also bring the ball up and step out and hit the three.”

With size and versatility, it is only a matter of time for more programs to come around and they are already starting to line up for the North Carolina prospect.

Green currently holds offers from North Carolina A&T and Winthrop, but schools from the SEC, ACC, Big South, SoCon, and Big Ten have reached out in the past, with the latest ones coming from Indiana, Belmont, Wake Forest, and High Point.

“They were interested in my game and that they think I could fit their system,” Green said when talking about his latest interests.

Right now, Green he has plans on visiting North Carolina A&T, Winthrop and Wake Forest but no specific dates have been set up yet.

The growth in Green’s game has been impressive and expect that list of college programs to only increase from here.  His sophomore season at Christ school will be one to really keep an eye on, especially after what Phenom Hoops saw in Cherokee at the Phenom WNC 150.