2022 Alphonzo Billups has been a hot target in the state of Virginia lately, as he has quickly been attracting the attention of college coaches around the country.  His sophomore campaign at Varina high school went really well, as he averaged 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists this past season, helping the Blue Devils to a 19-5 overall record.

The 6’6 prospect has now racked in offers from schools like Texas A&M, Old Dominion, Murray State, Ole Miss, Richmond, James Madison, Appalachian State, Clemson, Temple and VCU since the start of April.

Phenom Hoops spoke with Billups about his blow up in his recruitment and how he is taking it all in.

Phenom Interview:

PHR: How did this past season go for you in your eyes?

Billups: This past season went okay but, in my eyes, we as a team could have done better and personally, I could have done better also.

PHR: What were you able to show with your game and what areas are you hoping to improve in?

Billups: I feel like I showed everything but I have added more to my game and trying to perfect my game.

PHR: How would you best describe your game?

Billups: Getting to the basket and finding open teammates and scoring from anywhere on the court.

PHR: Your recruitment has really been picking up.  What has that been like for you recently?  What have programs been discussing with you?

Billups: My phone has been going crazy recently honestly but I’ve been maintaining it and staying humble.  Coaches are looking to get to know me and tell me about their school and themselves.  It’s been a blessing to talk to every single one.

PHR: You have earned some impressive offers. Wanted to get your thoughts on a few of them that may stand out to you?

Billups: Really, all of them stand out to me.  I can’t wait until I can visit some of them one day.

PHR: What have they said they like about your game and how you would fit?

Billups: My passing and easily finding open teammates.

PHR: What was it like to earn a few offers from conferences like the SEC and ACC?

Billups: I was excited.

PHR: Are there any schools that you have visited before or ones that you want to visit that you know of for sure?

Billups: I’ve visited VCU and Virginia.  I definitely want to visit all of the schools that have reached out to me. 

PHR: How were those visits to VCU and UVA?  What did you take away from each?

Billups: The different styles of play.  The visits were great.