Jalen Higgins has earned the reputation of being a 3-and-D type of prospect by several, which certainly could be the case with his ability to knock down the perimeter shot and use his size to defend multiple positions. 

It had been a few months since watching Higgins in action (since the high school season) but at the #PhenomQCShowcase in Rock Hill, he certainly showed that he could be more than just a 3-and-D type of player.

He will still carry those attributes in his game, continuing to be a consistent threat from the perimeter but he also showed that is continuing to develop his overall feel in how to score the ball.

Patrick O’Brien said this when watching Higgins in Rock Hill, as he poured in 28 points for Garner Road 3SSB 16u.

“Higgins looked sharp in this matchup.  One can see that he is really starting to develop his overall feel on how to score the ball effectively on multiple levels, but is still showing that he is one of the better shooters from three.”

Phenom Hoops’ Jeff Bendel added this about Higgins:

“Higgins is an excellent prospect.  He already fits the modern 3-and-D mold but still has clear upside remaining.  His mentality and physical tools should only make him more appealing.”

Watching Higgins go to work, using his size and athleticism against guards, and finishing in transition gave us a glimpse of what we could see more down the road with his game. During the event, Higgins capitalized on 14 scoring opportunities inside the arc, whether it was scoring around the rim or getting to the line, while also hitting eight 3-pointers. He simply showed us a little more to his game than what has been said, as he averaged 12.5 points per game in his four-game outing.

Higgins certainly is a prospect to start tracking more and should have the attention of college coaches.