2022 6’5 Cade Tyson

Phenom Hoop Report got a little reminder at the North Carolina Phenom 150 Session II when we got a glimpse of 2022 6’5 Cade Tyson.

It was always a pleasure to watch Clemson product Hunter Tyson, a 6’8 prospect at Piedmont high school.  It was just a few years ago when we watched Hunter showcase his ability to score on all three levels and is now showing that same talent for the Tigers.

But now, it seems we get a chance to watch another family prospect in Cade Tyson.

Cade stepped on the floor and immediately caught our coaches and scouts’ eyes, especially being labeled early on as one, if not the, best shooter at the camp.

“I would consider my game a work in progress,” Tyson told Phenom Hoop Report.  “I have been working hard to play quicker without making mistakes and I have been competing in the weight room every day to get stronger, faster, and quicker.”

Cade Tyson told Phenom Hoop Report

Cade is only scratching the surface of his potential.  Already having a great size to him, time and time again he displayed his talent as a confident and polished shooter, especially from behind the arc.  As the sophomore continues to develop his overall game, Cade has been able to take away a few things early on that he has learned from his older brother, Hunter.

“To play the game at a high level, you must have a strong work ethic and be willing to sacrifice,” he said.  “He has also taught me that to be successful in this game, you must approach it as a job and that the most growth takes place when nobody is watching.”

Well, unfortunately with Cade, people and coaches are already starting to notice of his upside as a prospect and he could only be scratching the surface.  A few college programs have reached out already to his high school coach and AAU coach, while Liberty was in to watch him work on the court.

Being somewhat of a new name, we are warning you now that you should keep a close eye on this very intriguing and talented sophomore who could be following in his brother’s footsteps.