6’3 2022 guard Jalen Hood-Schifino is a name that many should already know, especially around this area.  But this is a young man that will be garnering more national attention, now that he has the chance to showcase his array of talents.

We have watched Jalen grow up to the player he is, which can be weird to say because he is ONLY A FRESHMAN!

After a successful season at Northside Christian, in which he was second on the team in scoring (13.0ppg), and averaged 4.5 rebounds, and 4.8 assists, Jalen is now counting on that experience and previous AAU experience to help him be the lead point guard for Team Charlotte this season.

The 6’3 prospect already holds four offers from Division I and more will definitely be coming his way.

Phenom Hoop Report wanted to learn the latest about the freshman guard and his recruitment, as he has shown that he is ready to lead a team this summer.

Q: Hope all has been going well for you so far this summer, enjoying the AAU season?

Jalen: AAU has been pretty solid so far, of course, we did some Phenom Hoops events and we also had our other sessions of the Under Armour Circuit.

Q: What has been the LIVE period and early events shown you about yourself and your game?

Jalen: I’m in 9th-grade now and my 7th-grade and 8th-grade year, I played up on the 17’s with Team Charlotte.  So, going into the live periods now is nothing new to me because I’ve experienced it at a young age and already know what to expect.  But this was my first year that I’m actually playing on the circuit, starting point guard in front of college coaches and playing against elite competition at the circuit level of Under Armour.  Seventh and Eighth grade was just experienced years preparing me for this year, so I can go in and already know what to expect and play my game.  This year, I’m playing with Team Charlotte 16u as you know.  Overall, the Live period and early events have just provided a stage where I can go out and compete at a high level against top notch competition in front of college coaches.

Q: We know you have been someone coaches have watched and have talked about.  And you carry a few offers already.  But what have those schools, that have offered first, been talking about with you?

Jalen: Yes, I have four offers right now from Florida, Virginia Tech, Illinois, and South Florida.  My high school coach deals with all the coaches and the recruiting process because I’m not able to communicate with the coaches.  I’m still young, 15 years old in the 9th-grade, so at the moment, I’m just trying to get better and work very hard and focus on becoming the best Jalen I can be.  So when the time comes, I’m prepared for the next level as in college.

Q: What are your thoughts about those four schools that have offered that you know of?

Jalen: When I received those four offers, I made it a priority to watch numerous games from each school to see their system and the freedom the players have, more so the point guard position.  I enjoyed watching each school’s system and once I’m able to communicate with the coaches, I think it will be great to see the relationship between us.  So, I’m blessed and like all of the schools who have offered me.

Q: Have your coaches mentioned to you any other schools that have expressed interest your way by chance?

Jalen: Really, with me being so young and it’s so early in the recruitment process, my coach doesn’t really talk to me about it as much.  If he does, he’ll let me know that he’s been talking to schools about me and they are interested.  My coach talks with my mom about interest and everything and lets her know the schools. But, he really tries to keep me focused on school and getting better each and every day and to not worry about the offers right now.  Because if I work hard and keep God first, the offers will keep coming.