South Carolina has been a state that has gone under the radar as far as finding talent.  But in the past few years, the recognition has started to increase at the high school level.

More and more players are starting to be recognized at a national level and college coaches are flooding the area in hopes of finding the next upcoming talent.

Lebron Thomas, a 6’2 2022 prospect from Lee Central HS, maybe the next in line for the state.

Thomas has been on the radar of Phenom Hoop Report for some time now but this spring, he has taken his game to another level and it has shown.

Thomas participated recently at the NC Phenom 150, where he took home the Mr. Defense award and continued his tremendous play at the Phenom Challenge with Florence International.  Averaging a nearly a triple-double of 27.8 points, 10 rebounds, 8.5 assists per game in four games, Thomas showcased that he has a huge impact all over the floor.

When you watch his game, Thomas showcases the excitement, understanding, and an IQ that is beyond his age.  He already has solid size for his age and shows that he can make a huge impact scoring wise.  The freshman guard displays a great change of pace and direction, covering positive space with his dribble, and knowing how to finish at the rim.  There still is room in his development with his outside jumper but his hard work should continue to help him on developing his shot.

Thomas doesn’t just know how to score though.  When you carefully watch his game, he makes difficult plays and passes look easy, almost like the game slows down for him at times.  Thomas displayed incredible vision on the floor.  Whether he is pushing the ball up the floor or attacking his opponents in the half court, he sets up his teammates in great situations to find success.

Add that on top of his competitive nature to battle on the boards, Thomas has all the intangibles to be a high-level prospect in the coming years.

Thomas has been gaining traction this spring and it should translate even more down the road.  As he continues to grow and develop, the 6’2 prospect could be in line to be a big-time name in the state of South Carolina.

What was said at NC Phenom 150 (2019):

Moving onto a player that has the chance to become an extremely high-level prospect sooner than later, LeBron Thomas. He’s a long, athletic point guard prospect with size and a tremendous two-way feel for the game. Thomas has phenomenal vision and playmaking instincts, which he utilizes quite often upon entering the paint. He’s also a terrific defender that can force steals and contain his assignment with relative ease. Next in his development process is working on his consistency from three-point territory, as it would make him virtually unstoppable. Coach Doughty on Thomas: “LeBron is deceptively long and has a really long wingspan, which helps him finish at the rim. He also has superb quickness. LeBron plays great help-side defense. When he penetrated, he was able to finish at the rim effectively and find open teammates. His second effort on rebounds is just as good as his first. He has a good jumper with good rotation on the ball. LeBron is a good athlete and I like his game; he’s one to watch.” Thomas looked like one of the more appealing players and long-term prospects from camp, so it should be exciting to watch his continued progression over these next few years.