6’2 Bijan Cortes has had a tremendous year, coming off a state championship and a Nike E16 Championship this summer.  On top of that, his recruitment has continued to pick up, as several college programs have been coming his way.

Playing at Kingfisher in Oklahoma, his team is off to a 2-0 start to the season but there continue to be doubters… Cortes is looking to prove them wrong.  Phenom Hoops reached out to Cortes to learn the latest in our Recruit 1-on-1… See what he had to say about the latest surrounding his game and recruitment.

PHR: We always like to start off by asking players how they would best describe their game for people that may have not seen you play?

Cortes: Fast pace and very good at getting others going.  I can get to the rim and I like to defend.

PHR: What areas in your game have you been working on this summer and heading into the season?

Cortes: My 3-point shot and knowing when to attack and pull up for a mid-range, so mostly shooting.

PHR: Coming off a state championship, what has been your focus personally on and off the court?

Cortes: Personally, a lot of people are saying that you can’t do it again or mostly negative, so I use it more as motivation.  On the court, I just have a mentality that I’m going to dominate in everything, both offensively and defensively.

PHR: It has been an impressive year for you.  What did last year show you as a young guard?

Cortes: Well, I had to adjust quickly as I just turned 16 and a lot of older guys pushed me.  It also showed me that there is a lot of talent and (that I need to) do nothing but stay in the gym and work hard in everything you do.  Also, I had to adjust a lot physically.

PHR: How has recruitment been going for you?

Cortes: It’s going good right now.  I have 6 offers.  I’m just enjoying it and a lot of schools recently have been talking to me, so it has been great.

PHR: Well, let me first ask you about the offers you hold.  Which schools do you have them from and what are your thoughts on them?

Cortes: Offers from Oral Roberts, Tulsa, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, TCU, and North Texas

I like Oral Roberts; they have a great staff and I like that about them.  Tulsa, they have a good head coach and I love what he is doing right now.  Oklahoma State, they are always looking out for me and also Oklahoma, same thing.  They went to my first game, showing a lot of interest.  TCU, I went up to their campus and it was very nice and I enjoyed my time up there.  North Texas I think is on the comp up, the coaching is good and love the way they play and their style.

PHR: Which schools have you visited so far?

Cortes: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, TCU, and North Texas

PHR: What have those schools been saying they like about your game and how you may be able to fit in their system?

Cortes: They like how I can get others going and push the ball in transition and handle it.  They say I will fit in because of pick and rolls and how I could create for myself and also find the open man.

PHR: What other schools have been showing interest your way?

Cortes: Colorado, Colorado State, Texas Tech, Virginia Tech, Arkansas, UTSA, and Loyola-Chicago.

PHR: Out of those, any of them coming on really strong or planned visits with them?

Cortes: No set dates yet (for visits) but Loyola-Chicago is coming the hardest right now.