Out in Denver, Colorado sits a dual-sport athlete that has not only impressed on the football field but also on the basketball court, securing multiple offers from schools in both.

The 6’2 prospect averaged 21 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 3.6 assists this past season but also turned in an impressive season in football, passing for over 2,300 yards and recording 31 touchdowns as well. 

As far as his game on the courts, Hammond would describe himself as an all-around type of player, one that plays on both sides of the floor that can also shoot the ball and adjust well to what the game brings him every time he steps on the court.

His production level, no matter what sport, can’t be denied, which is why he has offers from Denver, Northern Colorado, and his most recent one, Wyoming.  He holds offers from Montana State, Idaho, and Northern Colorado for football.

Wyoming though is his latest one, one that he thinks is a solid offer and a place he feels he could play at.

“I thought it was a good offer because I really like the coach they have now and I feel like it is a place I could definitely play at,” he told Phenom Hoops.  “Also knowing some of the people there will help.”

Hammond still doesn’t know where or what sport he may be able to play, or if he may look to play both, as he is keeping all his options open.  But this rising senior in Colorado has the attention of coaches all around and has multiple options his way. 

So far, he has only been able to visit Denver when it comes to the basketball side of things but Hammond says that he is wanting to go up for more visits when he has the opportunity to do so.


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