Cannon has been a program full of big-time talent and it looks to be the same once again, even after losing 2022 5-star Jaden Bradley; that has just given a huge opportunity for 2021 Jarvis Moss and he is quickly taking advantage of it.

Moss is showing that he has put in the work and is ready for an even bigger spotlight, as he is showing his complete arsenal as a playmaker on the floor. Not only continuing to show his deadly pull-up, but he is also giving us a glimpse of his ability to run an offense, show off his athleticism, and score in multiple ways, along with his defensive effort.

It is why we went 1-on-1 with Moss to learn more about this upcoming season, an update on his recruitment, and when a decision may come from him.

Phenom: You are looking to have a big season with Cannon, really being one of the go-to guys. How have you prepared and what do you want to show with that responsibility?

Moss: Before and after practice, I’m getting on the shooting machine and working on my craft, trying to impact the game in every way possible, proving what I’m worth.

Phenom: WHat have you been looking to show more with your game?

Moss: I’ve been looking to show that I can create shots off the dribble, finish through contact, show my jumping ability, and score in tough situations.

Phenom: How is everything going with your recruitment and all?

Moss: My recruitment has been good. With the dead period being extended, it has made it a lot harder. I have heavy interest from Stanford. New Mexico and Tulsa are still in the mix. I’m gaining new interest from Murray State.

Phenom: What has Stanford been saying your way?

Moss: They really love my game, my work ethic, they see me fitting in well in their program, and making a big impact. They see me being a scorer for them.

Phenom: What schools that have offered are contuining to recruit you?

Moss: New Mexico and Penn

Phenom: What has their message been with you?

Moss: That they want me to come and make an impact in their program.

Phenom: Any time frame you are looking to decide?

Moss: In the spring