Center Gabe Wiznitzer has been a hot name around the state of North Carolina over the past few years, as the 6’11, 240-pound prospect has been a focal point at Christ School and on the AAU circuit.

College coaches are continuing to flock his way and he will now showcase his talent next year at Hargrave Military Academy, a program that continues to produce high Division 1 prospects.

The offseason though for Wiznitzer has been a challenging one so far, as he has continued to focus on developing his skills and on certain parts of his game.  But playing on the circuit so far has been able to show him those areas in what he needs to focus on.

“This summer has been a little bit of a challenge finding the right fit,” Wiznitzer said.  “My focus on my game is to continue to show my skill set on the perimeter and in the post. It (AAU circuit) has shown me that there are always areas for me to improve on. I am always working on my shooting and attacking closeouts out of a pick and pop, while also continuing to work on my low-mid post game.”

As we mentioned above, Wiznitzer now has plans to head to Hargrave Military after three years at Christ School and he hopes that he can take what he has learned from this summer and put it into a successful year ahead.

“Hargrave is a solid program with a really good history of putting players in the position to play at the next level,” he replied.  “I really liked all of the coaches and felt like that it was a good spot for me to develop my game. Playing against high-level players every day in practice and playing the national schedule will really prepare me for college.”

Speaking of colleges, since the start of the year, TCU, Penn State, Nebraska, LSU, and Clemson have all joined in offering the 2021 center, joining St. John’s and Iona.  All the programs have a unique factor to them in his eyes but Clemson could be an intriguing school to watch, especially being in his home state.

“I really like Clemson’s program,” Wiznitzer told Phenom Hoops.  “The fact that they are 20 minutes away from where I live is a huge plus for me. I like how they utilize their bigs by allowing them to make reads and plays out of dribble handoffs and ball screens.”

“Each program has something unique about it and I really like the Big 10 and the way those teams play. I plan to eventually visit these schools in the future.”

On top of his offers, schools like Georgia Tech, Northwestern, Michigan State, Wichita State, South Carolina, George Washington, Princeton, and Columbia have all expressed interest his way.

Right now though, his focus has been on continuing to get better and showcase why he should be regarded as one of the top centers in his class.  With his size, skill, and continuing development, Wiznitzer is hoping to get his name out there to more programs as he continues to grow this offseason.  Add on top the opportunities presented to him at Hargrave, the future seems to be looking bright for him.

What Has Phenom Hoops Said: 

“Wiznitzer was a true defensive anchor for Christ School tonight, protecting the rim and basically affecting every shot that came his way throughout the contest.  He started to show flashes of an elite rim protector and rebounder in this one and held his own on the offensive end.  Wiznitzer should start gaining serious interest from high major programs throughout the region as he continues to produce and play an important role.” – 2018 National Showcase