Henderson Collegiate has deserved all the attention they have received, as this is a program loaded with talent at all levels and they are getting recruited deservingly.' Everyone seems to have their role with this team and a player that some times gets overlooked but is an incredible asset and x-factor is 2021 6'4 Akhiris Holden.

He simply is a stat stuffer for the program, using his athleticism to his advantage, making all the tough plays, and doing some of the dirty work.' This past season, he averaged 12.8 points, 7.5 rebounds, 1.3 assists, 1.3 steals, and 1.6 blocks per game at Henderson Collegiate.'

Rick Lewis had this to say recently about Holden's game on the court:

'Holden is always around the ball. Holden has elite level leaping ability and often plays above the rim. He rebounds, defends, block shots, and gets steals.'

The rising senior also just received his first offer from Vance-Granville Community College and is expected to continue catching eyes as he gets ready for the next season.  Phenom Hoops went 1-on-1 with Holden to learn the latest and to talk more about his game.

PHR: How has your game improved over the years and what have you been focusing on'

Holden: My game has improved over the years by having more confidence in my shot and also being able to handle the ball more. My main focus is putting on more weight and get my body in a good shape physically.

PHR: How would you best describe your game on the court'

Holden: My game on the court could be described as being a hustler for rebounds, getting a lot of second-chance points, and also playing a lot above the rim on both offense and defense.

PHR: What has it been like playing at Henderson and what has it shown you' What role have you carved out there with that program'

Holden: Playing at Henderson Collegiate has shown me in life you'll face a lot of adversity but we learned it's about how you respond to that adversity, are you going to use it as an excuse to not be great or you can make the most of what is available and give 100% effort which is what we did as a team.  As a result, we are 2x conference champions and state championship co-champions. The role that I have made for myself in this program is being the player that is able to lead by example with taking feedback a lot and also, I could be seen as giving energy to the team with big plays when needed.

PHR: How are you hoping to step up next year'

Holden: My main focus for next year is to try to get my body in the most physical shape that I can and also get a consistent shot that can make me more of a 3-point threat.

PHR: What was this season like for you early on and then now being named co-champs this year'

Holden: Early in the season I was trying to find my place as what I could provide for the team cause I knew that I was already contributing a lot with rebounding and hustling but I think I found that I could also be a big X factor for my team in scoring early in the season.  After the Greensboro Day game, Coach Marshall told me that the way I played in that game is what I was capable of doing every night we play. Being named co-champions is a great feeling because of all of the challenges we faced and we were able to make it that far; it makes us realize that all the hard work that we do pays off in the end.

PHR: What was it like earning that first offer' How did you hear about it and what did the coaching staff have to say'

Holden: Earning my first offer was a blessing because I always wanted to play basketball at the next level and it's something that I've been working hard for, countless hours, to receive and for it being my first one, it was a great feeling and gives me extra motivation to keep going. I heard about it through a phone call with Coach Marshall, where he told me that the coach has been watching me and loved my game.

PHR: Who else have you been hearing from as far as schools'

Holden: Other schools that I've gotten interest from has been Mars Hill and Averett University.